Did You Catch My Announcement?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | 19 comments

Did you catch my announcement?

It’s official!

I’m about to open enrolment for a LIVE 8-week coaching program called Feelings & Food.
It’s based on the emotional work in my best selling book Let’s EAT! and my online video program Feelings & Food.

Want all the deets? Comment below and I’ll add you to my list of early birds and notify you when the registration page goes live.

I’m almost giving this program away because it’s the first time I’m teaching this material in a group. You’re going to want to be part of this “beta” round because I’m bringing ALL my best to the table.

If you’re am ambitious, driven, achiever who’s SO tired and frustrated that you haven’t gotten this food & body thing figured out, this is the program that will change all that.

Imagine how differently you’d be showing up in your life and business if you felt at home in your body, confident making choices and NEVER feeling deprived or like a walking zombie.

It’s NOT about the food but what’s driving your eating behaviours and I’m serious about creating radical transformation for everyone who steps into my classroom.

This is a no holds barred group coaching program where we’re going to get raw and real about the garbage beliefs and stories that are holding you back from LOVING the skin you’re in, losing weight and being able to keep it off.

No more numbing out with food.
No more 3 pm slump.
No more trash talking yourself.
No more struggling to take control of your emotional eating.

It’s time to let go and unapologetically claim a body and life you feel amaze-balls in.

I’m SOOOOOOOO excited to welcome women who are ready for serious transformation from the inside out

Who’s with me?