Full Frontal Living is LIVE!

by | Oct 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Sunday I celebrated my 45th turn around the sun and today I’ve officially launched my new website and brand Full Frontal Living™

When my team and I kicked off this project we didn’t map out this specific timeline but I love that the universe took the reigns.  I simply surrendered to moving forward trusting it would be completed right on time….

Serendipitous is the only word that comes to mind.

You’ll see the site reflects the growth of my message and the diversity of  women (and yes, men)  I have been working with.

So what is Full Frontal Living™ and what happened to my nutrition coaching?

Wellness is still a big part of my work but it’s only ONE of many gateways clients seek my help with.

We all have those *things* that keep us from feeling the success and fulfillment we truly desire.   For some it’s their bodies, for others it’s their businesses or relationships. The gateway may be different but the reason my clients seek me out is the same.

They’re frustrated that the thing they so desperately want, keeps feeling further and further out of reach.  

The more frustrated they feel, the harder they try and the more they end up stuck in behaviors that perpetuate the very cycle they want to escape.

Full Frontal Living™ allows you to stop numbing your emotions and start living.  I help my clients see the problem they think they have, isn’t the problem.

I’ll be diving into this message more deeply in the coming weeks and months ahead as I share more about my own story and the struggles my clients are working through.

You’ll find a celebration of my own personal growth and the magic that has transpired in my own life over the years woven into this new branding.

With every passing year, the beliefs and stories that no longer served me fell away as I did this inner work and today I’m honoring how much has changed. How I’ve grown and the life and business I’ve created.

Never have I felt such a deep knowing of who I am, yet the overwhelming curiosity to discover even more.

I want you to know, you’re a treasure you get to unwrap, explore and fall in love with, if you choose.

Of all the relationships we have in this lifetime the one we have with ourselves matters most.

Nurture it. ❤️

Thank you for sharing this exciting day with me by stopping by and if you feel called to work with me simply click HERE and you can fill out an application.

XO ~ Lisa