Discover the 5 things you must know to lose weight and keep it off. (and it’s not about eating more broccoli!)


“This program has been life changing. It is a program that gives you the tools, the power, the know-how and the foundations of how to eat, what is healthy, and how to eat in all kinds of situations. It is an education that everyone, and I mean everyone, should have.  I have lost almost sixty pounds and many inches. But, beyond that, I have come to know a person I didn’t know existed. I can look in the mirror and see the authentic me staring back. I have changed how my family eats and looks at food and I wake up each day feeling healthy, alive and grateful.”

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Michelle M

“Lisa’s EAT program is one that I would highly recommend for my patients who are looking to lose weight and get healthier. She stresses quality nutrients and whole foods. Clients will benefit from the weekly classes, group support, accountability and her amazing experience.Some of the things I love about Lisa is that she inspires all of those around her. She lives honestly and with integrity. You don’t see her preaching one thing then doing the other. She has high standards but teaches us how to do that because she does it herself. She is also honest with her failures, and that helps her teach with compassion and understanding. Her level of fitness and self care alone is inspirational. ”

Springs Eternal Natural Health Clinic

Dr. Nari Pidutti ND

“Since I began, I’ve lost close to 50lbs, started to move my body, adopted a healthier lifestyle and way of eating. My family is more open to new choices and trying new and different foods for the sake of health. I am happier and feel empowered in my life. I love that I don’t ever have to diet again. That it’s all about choice and that I’m in charge with practical information and knowledge. I liked being empowered to make my own choices. I liked the support when I needed it and the perspectives Lisa gives on how to see things – instead of beating myself up about certain behaviours she reframed it with proof that sometimes our thoughts can trigger a total food addiction moment where we really ARE powerless to the biology we create with thoughts around food. That the trick is to learn how we get triggered and to make different choices before we repeat the cycle.”

Powerhouse “Daring to Suck” Life Coach

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Keri-Anne Livingstone

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about this program and Lisa Carpenter. It is a work in progress but I am changing my relationship with food and as a result improving my health and my body. I am so lucky to have found this program and such a great coach in Lisa, Thank-you. I highly recommend this program to everyone. It was worth every penny. I would do it again without hesitation.”

Steveston Smiles

Dr. Michele N.

Lorelei suffers from Colitis which was diagnosed around age 35 and was brought on by stress and an unhealthy diet. When she suffered an attack it would last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks and her weight would drop because of her bodies inability to absorb the nutrients in her food. She was dancing through life dealing with 2 to 3 attacks per year that led to additional health problems including polyps in her colon. With every attack the polyps would increase and so did her chances of getting colon cancer. Statistically she was looking at 20 to 30% higher risk of cancer WITH EVERY ATTACK. This is real life scary stuff! I am happy to report that since Lorelei joined the E.A.T! program and made a serious commitment to her health, regular exercise and life style choices to reduce stress she has now been attack free for 15 months… and counting.

“My name is Lorelei and I want to share my story and my journey. I know we all want health, happiness and all the things we associate with a good life. I finally decided I was tired of wanting and dreaming…I was actually going to really do this. Stop wishing I was someone else. I wanted to look at myself and like what I saw….” Read more

Lorelei P.

“I graduated from my 10 week food & nutrition program this week (I should be able to add three letters “EAT” after my name!). Besides dropping inches and weight, I have ditched my asthma inhaler, insomnia and allergies are much better, hormones are balanced, energy is increased, and IBS is much better (probably would be completely gone if I could give up coffee!). I thought I ate healthy before, but I now understand that I was not giving my body the right combination of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats to maintain optimal health, balance and energy. I did not realize the HUGE association between what we fuel our bodies with and how we feel. We live in a era of processed “food” and medications for our ailments rather than taking a serious look at our diet. I know that the way I now eat will reduce my risk of major disease, which is one of my biggest concerns as I hear daily of many other’s struggles with diseases like cancer and diabetes. I can’t control genetics, but I can control what goes into my body. I never knew I could eat so much food and lose weight while maintaining my lean mass which will give me the rocking body I desire as I’m hitting my mid-40’s. Many thanks to my coach Lisa Carpenter and the EAT program for helping change my relationship with food and my progression towards a healthier, leaner body.”

Linda C.

“Lisa is amazing with women. She has such a down-to-earth approach when speaking on the truth about food. Lisa doesn’t just teach you how to be accountable for the decisions you make with your diet, but also supports you, which is so important. For anyone who engages in a conversation with me about healthy foods, lifestyle, or weight loss, I always strongly recommend Lisa’s program and coaching.” 

Glitter Glue (General Manager)

Peekaboo Beans

Nikki B.

“Thank you so much for being so supportive and sharing yourself and your wisdom! I am feeling fantastic with my body.  I have never felt so good, healthy, happy with my body and how it looks and just feeling comfortable in my OWN SKIN.”

Shauna G.

“E.A.T!  has been an amazing experience, people will tell you “it’s easy to lose weight just eat fruits and vegetables”, “don’t eat so much”, “count calories”.  It’s more than that, it’s the science behind food, it’s the science of combining foods and it’s also getting to the bottom of what’s really stopping you from getting you to where you want to be.  The program is broken down in such a way that you focus on one thing at a time and it’s not overwhelming.   I NEVER knew anything about fats, especially good fats now I do and I have learned how important they are.  This has been more than just food this has been about finding out the reasons behind my bad choices and binging, it’s finding out what those “gremlins” are.  It’s about soul searching, and getting uncomfortable.”  Read more here – no link on original page

Tania S.

“This course has changed my life. And I’m not talking in pounds lost (although I am happy to see them go!) I am talking about whole life changes. I have a new understanding of food, calories, fats (yes, there are good ones!), and overall nutrition that has allowed me to feel more energetic all day than I have felt in years. I am happier, and my entire family is happier. My only regret is that I didn’t have this knowledge a decade ago.” Read the full story here! So if this is a step you have been wanting to take in your life, I encourage you to give her a call.” Read the entire article here!

Jewel G

“Before Lisa, I had never been on a “diet” that didn’t make me feel like shit both physically and psychologically.  I am thankful for your balanced approach to eating right and eating healthy.  You have helped me see food in a whole new way.  Not only do I not feel hungry, I feel energized.  Most importantly, I am incredibly appreciative of all your support and encouragement during this journey.  Weight and body image issues expose some parts of our psyche that are raw and vulnerable.  You have made this journey an easier ride, and have made me feel more comfortable with my body, accept my own quirks and weaknesses without guilt, and being able to occasionally indulge without beating myself up. Thank you for being so wonderful.” 


“Lisa brings clear insight to food choices.  Her knowledge and understanding spirit makes the E.A.T. journey a rewarding one.  I love everything I’ve learned and have incorporated into my everyday life.”

Karen D.

“This program has been so valuable, I can’t even describe everything about it. My binder is my bible. I know where it is at all times.  The information I received from Lisa and the other participants will never leave me.The alumni group on Facebook is incredible. I don’t always post, but love reading all of the tips and successes others post. I would tell someone interested in taking the program to take the plunge. It is completely worth every penny. It worked and I felt so much better about me, life, and my body. I lost weight, inches, and gained a ton of knowledge and information. When mommy is happy, everyone is happy! And I was definitely happy. I always felt like I would miss so much if I didn’t attend a class. It wasn’t just Lisa’s input, but the input of other students.

Janice M.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, change your body composition, or just learn the fundamentals of nutrition, Lisa is the person to learn it with.  The journey I took has been inspiring to say the least.  Lisa has a way of knowing exactly what areas of your life you are struggling with  and is able to help, even when she doesn’t realize it!  I lost 16 lbs and 16 inches in 12 weeks and the lessons I learned in class will help me get to my goal of 30 lbs.  This class goes so much deeper then nutrition. It gave me back my fire and made me realize that taking time for myself to be happy and health is okay.”

Stacey K.

“Lisa Carpenter – the real food Ninja knows her stuff. I started working with her almost a year ago. She modified a program to include my husband, daughter and mum. She is very well connected, wise, compassionate and non judgemental. Lisa is a good listener, who also leads by example and practices what she teaches. Lisa is a leader at creating community. She does many things to demonstrate that she cares, yet she holds you accountable to what is important to you as well. Lisa’s program allows you to constantly strive and build your own new life, using your own skill set. The program is somewhat methodical and the written material is as straight forward as it can be. Lisa provides lots of ideas, and opportunities to share and network with other folks. She ensures that you celebrate your successes and reflect and learn from your setbacks. It is a program in motion, and Lisa is tireless in her devotion to her clients care/ learning and well being.During the latest holiday season, I looked forward to every networking event I committed to attending. I have lost quite a few pounds and the transformation has hit me more than my physical presence.  I feel confident, beautiful and strong. I feel ‘awake’ and bigger than life. Bring it on, world. Thank you Lisa, I am so grateful for your knowledge, your passion, your personality and your friendship.Let her into your cupboards folks! Let her into your life! You’ll free up so much room for positive growth and change if you do, it’s like emptying out your junk folder, for good!  I know you’ll learn a lot of new things and find value in Lisa’s knowledge and the way in which she shares it and you’ll meet a lot of really cool people on your journey!  YOLO don’t Yo-Yo !

Chris Pughe

“Lisa has encouraged me to dream – at first to be fitter and healthier.  Now the dreams have moved up as my confidence grows.  She has shown me how to believe – follow the program, do the work, you’ll get results.  I believe in my capabilities again.  She has shown me that what you do along the way is just as important as getting to the end.  Thank you for bringing perspective to my eating and being caring and understanding of mood, body language and unspoken stress. I look forward to continuing my journey with Lisa and to my next 50 years based on the solid foundation I have built” 

Joanne N.

“There really aren’t words – but I think people have seen the change. I was overweight my entire life – I had no idea what t felt like to be healthy, to have energy, to not be ashamed of my body. That is very hard to describe – but you carry it with you and people feel it. When they hear that I was obese – they ask me “how I did that” – and I say one word “Lisa.”

Dr. Jennifer Katz

“Lisa’s guidance on fuelling my body with foods that make me healthier and feel energetic and strong have allowed me to keep up with intense training.  I love to eat and am no longer afraid of food.  My body is changing shape and getting tight!  I feel revived! Thanks Lisa!”

Saleema R.

“My body, mind and spirit are more alive because of what I learned from Lisa.  I learned to take back control of me and my choices for healthy eating and not to deprive myself.  The lessons she has brought into my life have been priceless beyond what I could have imagined.  Yes she teaches about nutrition and health but she also taught me to look deeper at what I was really craving in life….and it is usually not chocolate or chips lol!  I know I am worthy and I love myself more and now I take the time and make better choices about what I put into my body.  It is not about being perfect with my eating, but rather checking in with how I feel when I make certain food choices.  I have the education, empowerment and passion to move forward and create a healthy and happy relationship with my food.  Thank you Lisa!”

Jennifer D.


“I was hesitant about taking this class at first for a variety of reasons, but I can truly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Taking this has changed my life and the way I see myself. Not only did my body change, but my thinking about food and body image did too. I now know what I need to eat in order to feel great and look great. I am so thankful for this course and all it has taught me. Thank you for helping me feel beautiful again.”

Carlie O.

“I debated seeing Lisa for a long time because I was a fairly healthy eater anyway and wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of it.  It seems that a lot of the information out there is so basic, like don’t eat white bread…  What I loved about working with Lisa was getting a customized plan that was going to help me reach my goals.  I had been making fairly good choices but I saw quite quickly where I was going wrong.  It was interesting to learn the effect of portion sizes, what types of food to eat at different times of the day, and sometimes the foods that you think are healthy might actually be what is holding your body back from making significant changes.  Within a week I saw changes in my body, and I loved that I had energy all day and I was NEVER hungry! What Lisa gives you are tools that last a lifetime, it’s not a diet with a start and end, it’s a permanent change to get you healthy, active and looking the way you want.  I am glad I made this investment, and I will apply what I learned to my life and my families life forever.” 

Lindsay P.

“I know I said this before, but you are a true inspiration to me and you couldn’t have crossed paths with me in a closer way, at a better time. You have made such a HUGE impact in my life, and for that I will FOREVER be grateful.

Cristina S.

“I returned home from a trip with a few extra pounds but am not worried because the E.A.T! course has taught me a better way to eat.  I am grateful to Lisa and the program and how in control and empowered I feel about keeping my weight at a level I am comfortable with.” 

Jessie G.

“I first started seeing Lisa in August of 2013.  I was 265 lbs and an insulin dependant diabetic.  Today 5 months later I am 230 lbs with excellent blood sugar levels and rarely need my insulin.  I did it by changing my behaviour when it came to food.  Through working with Lisa one on one she thoroughly explained why and how to eat to regain my life, literally.  This program has become a family affair and we have all gained a new attitude towards food.  Today I feel great, more energy, better sleep, no aches and pains during the day.  FANTASTIC! Thank you Lisa.  I am proud to recommend you to all who need your great services!”

The Studio Video Facilities

David Cooperstone

“I feel fortunate and blessed that I found you and your program.  You recognize where people are at and try to work with that.  This is different than what I have been told for years.  I feel great and never deprived.  I am also amazed at how I no longer feel bloated!” 

Paulette D.

“Lisa provides her clients with the information around food and nutrition but what is knowledge if you don’t know how to apply it? Her ability to connect the mind, body & spirit around food is where the true value comes in and where lasting change happens. Lisa is an invaluable support and resource for this.  What we are told by mainstream media is really not accurate – so many of “think” we eat healthy based on the information we are feed through these mediums. It’s a journey not a destination. The program is such a great platform for personal transformation and not just weight loss, that is a side effect.”

Jane S.

“I am learning to love me.  I am able to look in the mirror and love myself.  I thank you for the role you have played in helping me achieve that.  I love all my curves!” 

Tara H.

“I’ve learned from Lisa that the pursuit of a healthy and happy lifestyle is not easy; it’s hard work.  It’s not about short-term dieting; it’s about a daily commitment.  It’s not about beating yourself up; it’s about celebrating better choices.  Once you apply the education that she teaches in her classes, you will realize that everything you desire is possible, and that the only obstacle standing in the way of you reaching your goals is you!”

Ravinder R.

“There isn’t a thing in life that any of us couldn’t do better with some expert advice to get started, some guidance along the way and a lot of support to stick to it. Fitness and nutrition are often taken for granted or ignored altogether by many of us. The consequences are overweight with potential health problems and growing disinterest in family, work and friends. We become sluggish overweight couch potatoes leading us down the road to depression. If you need to get happy, fit and fully alive to take on and enjoy all the things you want to do and meet all the people you want to get to know – see Lisa so she can get you started and keep you on track. I am today at the end of 20 weeks in a program to save my life. You see I am recovering from a mini stroke and had to do something with my 210 pound out of shape body – 160 to 170 pounds of weight in a fit body was what I needed. I am now at 179 pounds and well on my way to fitness and as an added benefit without high blood pressure medication. Doing it myself by eating less along with a badly designed exercise program (my own design) was endangering my health – the opposite of what I was trying to do! Thanks Lisa.”

The world lost this beautiful spirit in 2012.  A tribute to how he impacted me can be found here.

Bill G.

“I have lost 85 lbs and counting and my doctor nearly had a heart attack at my last physical. He said my improvement was off the chart and that I easily added 10 years to my life. I feel better now than I did in my teens and twenties and am excited to see how things will unfold as I continue to get in better and better shape. As incredible as all of this has been, I think the best part was that I gained a friend and teacher like Lisa. She has been there with unwavering support every step of the way and for that I will forever be in her debt.”

Pictures and transformation story can be found here!

Kent R.

I finally have the energy that I was lacking. I couldn’t remember what it was like to actually feel like doing stuff instead of being tired all the time. I have lost a few more pounds and a few inches but most importantly I am feeling like a participant in life instead of an observer!!!! Thank-you so much!

Cathy A.

Dearest Lisa, Before I took the EAT programme all I had was the emotion of wanting to feel better. You wrapped me up in your supportive way and made the journey of learning how to eat well a fun experience. Your knowledge shone through and my end results are an ever improving shape and a happy smile. Even as a nurse I was surprised to learn the importance of when and how often I eat.You’re brilliant and I hope more ladies visit you to find out what it feels like to feel better.Thanks a million with a Big Hug.