(and it's not about eating more broccoli!)



Yet here we are, unhappy with ourselves, standing in bodies that feel foreign to us even though we clothe them.

This body you’re wearing – It belongs to someone who hasn’t tried or worked as hard as you, yet you’re stuck in it.

Sounds a lot like jail, doesn’t it?circle2

In truth, it’s only a disconnect: our minds and bodies are coupled, even if you think they’re speaking different languages at the moment. If what you look like on the outside doesn’t truly represent who you are and you’re punishing your body (with a crash diet or bender) because of it, it’s time to take back every ounce of control you deserve.

My job is to help you sort through unresolved, emotional triggers leading to overeating (or mindless eating), and I take my role seriously.

Healthy food is the cornerstone of my self care.

Instead of using it to beat myself up or numb my emotions, it supports and nurtures me regardless of whether I’m busy, stressed or celebrating.

I know what foods make me feel great and which ones won’t.

I know how to choose the right foods that support exactly how I want to feel, and I have helped hundreds of women discover this for themselves.

If you’re prepared to:

  • Tap into how foods make you feel, to make better choices based on your body’s needs

  • Create a powerful connection between your body, mind, and food, so you no longer see eating as public enemy #1

  • Recognize, overcome and recover from food addictions, killing off shame and taking back your power of choice

Then our partnership will change your body and mind.

Three things you should know about me:

  1. I’m a teacher and advisor, not a judge. I like sugar (especially ice cream) and I still eat it. My goal is NOT to tell you what you can and can’t eat. Instead, I empower you to feel confident and intelligent in every choice you make (so that scoop of ice cream doesn’t come with a dollop of judgement, shame or guilt).

  2. I can help you create lasting, real-life physical, mental and emotional changes by taking the confusion out of food, dieting and healthy eating.

  3. I’m not the woman you’d consider perfect: I don’t have time to make fancy dinners, I am no Martha Stewart and have zero interest on living off of green smoothies or any kind of liquid lunch (No judgement. I prefer chewing food).

I’m Lisa, and I call myself a Nutritional Ninja!

Opportunity? I’ll ignite it.

Possibility? Yes, please.

You, my friend, are worthy of the life you want, and I’ll pull back the curtain and show you how much closer to success you are (than you ever imagined).

My life’s passion and purpose is working with woman like you, women who are ready to break free from all of the crap society has told us about what we should and shouldn’t think, feel, do and eat.

Food should never dictate your life, and I’m ready to show you how to break free from that mindset.

The path you take will get you back to feeling like yourself, whether that means you’re a mom, a wife, a business woman or coach.

First and foremost, you have to feel like you.

That’s how you start to feel worthy again.

Take back your life starting now!