Welcome to my vlog where you’ll find my thoughts on why losing weight is an inside out job and takes more than just knowing what to eat. I’m here to inspire, motivate and disrupt your current reality to help you see there is much more to your life-long struggle with your weight and food. You’ll find me sharing my personal insights and stories to help free you from dieting, embrace the possibility of loving your body and LIVING your life more fully.
Thanks for being here xo ~ L


I’m back and ready to share what’s been going on behind the scenes and what’s on the horizon.

Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes…
Big announcements that I was excited and nervous to share.
🔥 New look and feel for my brand coming soon that represents the coaching I’ve been doing with my 1:1 clients that embodies what my message is truly about
🔥 Last chance to work with me LIVE inside my E.A.T! program. This will be the final time I teach this program with 6 weeks of live coaching to compliment the material inside the virtual classroom. This is also the last time I’m giving people access to my private E.A.T! FB community.
Doors open September 14th to register
🔥 I’m launching the self study version of E.A.T! for those of you who don’t want the extra support or accountability and are looking for a more budget friendly price point {this will be the only way to access EAT! after this live round so registration will stay open}
🔥 The dream that found me… My BOOK 💖 and to become a best selling author
My book supporting the content inside Feelings & Food and E.A.T! will be available by the end of the year. It’s going to be jam packed with all the information you need to know {but don’t} that will truly transform your relationship with food and your body.
Catch the video below to hear more details 🙂
Deep gratitude to everyone who’s been part of my community and my journey.
XO ~ L

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