Are you feeling frustrated, resentful or even insignificant in your own life?

It’s time to become the centre of your universe again.









Lost that sense of self you once felt so proud of?
Are you tired of “shoulding” all over the place and ready to get your life and body back?

lisa-circle-210 Days of simple daily requests to help you get conscious of the relationship you have with food, your body and yourself.

(yep… time to stop putting everything and everyone before you FOR ONCE)

Maybe reconfigure a few things while we’re at it.

Because it’s time to stop hiding and playing small in your life.

I want you to feel good in your body.
Step out and commit to change. 


During this program, you’ll discover:


  • How to make yourself your #1 priority (without taking away from anyone else).
  • How looking back can shift your perspective about food and your body.
  • How to feel good and start loving yourself NOW (and not waiting to lose the weight first).
  • How to get conscious about the behaviours holding you back and change them.
  • Secret tips taken out of my signature weight loss & nutrition program E.A.T! that will change how you work with food (and help you shed a few lbs. too)
  • Eating on the run.
  • How to ditch the all or nothing mindset (aka perfectionism)
  • How to move past overwhelm and resistance.
  • The stories you’re telling yourself and the impact they’re having on your relationship with YOU and with food!
  • Why self care is a non negotiable and what it really means (and it’s not about spending money at the spa…)
  • What makes you so special and why you need to acknowledge this.

The program will be delivered immediately upon purchase!

It includes:

  • * 10 days of You video challenges.
  • * A 10 days of You PDF with lessons and journal prompts that you can download.
  • * Additional (short) video clips to support you along this journey. 
  • * Life time access to all the content.

Get it all for only $197!

Imagine learning to work with food, your body and your emotions to create a new way of losing weight that includes LOVING yourself through the process.

If you’re fed up with continually going round in circles (or rather up and down on the scale) and you KNOW there must be more to losing weight than eating another serving of broccoli or exercising more the 10 Days of YOU! will give you a new perspective in weight loss.

Once you understand how your relationship with YOU impacts your weight loss, it changes the game.

You’ll break free from your behaviour patterns with food, and learn to be loving towards yourself. You’ll no longer feel the guilt or shame that perpetuates the downward spiral of emotional eating and you can finally get on the path towards lasting weight loss.

How is the content delivered?

I’m so glad you asked!

Once you’ve completed your purchase you’ll be re-directed to a thank you page where you’ll find the link to immediately download the 10 Days of YOU! pdf.

You can binge watch everything or pace yourself doing one challenge at a time.  There is no perfect way to do this program but as long as you stay in the room and do the work you will begin to see big shifts in perspective.

You’ll get:

  • Immediate access to all 10 days of YOU! each with a specific topic of discovery.
  • Every day starts with a video overview where I dive deeper into the content and explain the purpose of each lesson.
  • Extra PDF worksheets contained inside your download with more information to support your learning.

Get it all for only $197!

Just found out I’ll be dancing in our year end GROWN WOMEN recital, in heels. Is this my life…seriously, I love being on stage, but I am terrified.

One year ago I was completely depressed, telling my husband “Is this really how my life is going to play out? Unhappy, overweight, sitting in my bedroom night after night binging on junk food.”

I had succumbed to the idea that this is how it would be.

Next month will be a year since Lisa Carpenter popped into my newsfeed. I have not looked back since. Sure, there are junk food days, but man I am having the time of my life right now! 

Never though it was possible, dreams do come true! <3

Jennifer Smith

When you start to change how you view your relationship with food, you’ll begin to discover an amazing new relationship with yourself.

I can’t wait for you to discover how the 10 days of YOU! will change the relationship you’re having with yourself  like the thousands of women who’ve completed this program.
A peaceful relationship with food and your body is waiting for you!

xo ~ Lisa

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