Am I right for you?

by | Aug 30, 2018 | 0 comments

A lot has changed over here at Lisa Carpenter Inc. since I moved my business online more than 4 years ago now and over the almost 2 decades I’ve been coaching.

I’ve grown a lot personally and professionally. Life is like that… we continue to evolve and things that used to resonate with us seem to start catching our attention less and less. I’ve been doing my own social media and email purge and releasing anything that no longer fits who I am and what I need today to feel my best.

I’m guessing if you’ve been with me over the past few years you’ve also been changing. That’s why I’m checking in.

Maybe my message just isn’t hitting home with you as much anymore.

First and foremost my business has always been about connection. I don’t care if I have 10,000 followers or 10. What matters to me is that if you’re along with me on this journey that my message deeply resonates with you and you receive value every time you catch me on social media.

I care deeply about the people I’m here to serve and in saying that I know I can’t serve everyone so I wanted to bring you up to speed on who I’m speaking to these days and clarify what you can expect of me.

Here’s how to know if I’m still the right fit for you….

You are a driven, ambitious, professional woman on a mission. You might be an entrepreneur, a CEO or climbing the corporate ladder. You value hard work, success and want to have it all. Achievement is what you know and love but behind it, you’ve got a huge heart and want to have a bigger impact in the world.

You also struggle with loving what you do so much that you’ve realized how much your “do-ing” is stopping you from enjoying your life. You’ve gone through periods of physical and emotional burnout and your body reflects this.

You’ve also struggled with your relationship with your body and food. It’s either consuming you or you’re avoiding it. You’ve done the diets and are DONE with all of it, besides you know exactly what you should or shouldn’t eat. You still dream of losing weight but are no longer available to obsess about it. You’ve committed to focusing on how to feel more confident in your skin, be kinder to yourself and work on your emotional and physical health. You just want to feel good.

Addiction has impacted your life in some way or somehow. It might be with a partner, a parent, a child but somewhere in your lineage addiction exists.

You’re interested in hearing about how to feel better in your life and your work. You want more balance, ease and fulfilment not to mention joy and playtime but just aren’t sure how to let go of all the things you feel responsible for. Life often feels overwhelming, and although you’ve learned how to handle it like a boss you are T.I.R.E.D. and know something’s gotta give.

You’re also committed to personal growth and development. Not as a side hobby but as a VALUE.

You could care less about seeing a polished message and are just looking for real, raw behind the scenes stories of what growing my business, navigating the emotional weeds, raising kids, how I shift my beliefs and am creating a life and business I adore so that you can be inspired to do the same. You’re curious about what Full Frontal Living™ embodies.

After working with thousands of women and speaking about weight loss for almost two decades there is one thing I know with certainty.

What we think is the problem is NEVER the problem.

It’s not about food, your weight, your job, your degrees, your to-do list, your kids, your bank account balance or your relationships.

It’s about YOU and how you think and feel about yourself. Your subconscious beliefs are running the show and until you take responsibility for the actual PROBLEM and stop looking to fix the symptom you’ll stay on the merry go round of your suffering.

Ever since my husband walked through the doors of an addiction recovery centre more than 6.5 years ago I’ve been 100% dedicated to my personal transformation and taking responsibility for everything in my life that wasn’t working.

It’s changed everything for me which is why I’m so fiercely passionate about who I work with and who I best serve.

I’m not for everyone and I’m ok with that.

So the question is am I still a right fit for you?

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