I’m all fancy for you today.

I just finished a keynote presentation that I was doing for Sobey’s / Safeways and thier women’s network group.  It’s such an honour and privilege to be welcomed into their community and family, and be a part of what they’re building, and how they’re supporting women in leadership roles.

Today my presentation was on showing up as an authentic leader, and what that means and I talked a lot about what leadership means for me.

It means a lot of different things than it did in the past.

In the past, I was really grounded in my intensity, and my drive, and my ambition, and the doing things in my business.

I was busy all the time, and in fact I wore busy like a badge of honour, and, “I got this,” was my mantra.

It wasn’t until I faced some real adversity and change in my life that I had to step up, and really show up for myself in a different way.

Today I shared that story with the men & women that were there and it felt amazing.

It felt amazing to really speak my truth, and be honest with them about what’s happened in my life.

Although I’m not ready for it to be all over social media just quite yet, I’m getting close.

The truth is to be an authentic leader means to show up, to share your story, to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable, and to be honest because other people find strength in our stories.

People connect with us on a deeper level when we’re able to step up, and show them what’s possible, and when we really allow ourselves to be seen.

So today I really showed up for myself in a big way.

I owned the role of being a leader, and I’m really proud of myself.

So today I’m celebrating me, taking some time by the river to really get grounded in what I just accomplished for myself, and it feels really good.

So whatever you’re doing today, whatever you’re up to, own it.

Really own who you are.

Own how you show up in the world, and take really good care of yourself.

Take really good care of yourself because all leaders need to make sure that they are taking very good care of themselves.

That’s how you become an authentic leader.