Behind the scenes of Full Frontal Living

by Oct 28, 2017Full Frontal Living0 comments

It’s been quite the week leading up to the launch of my new website…

High levels of self-care, slowing down and BEING with all the stuff that’s coming up with the expansion-ing {yea I know it’s not a real word} happening behind the scenes.

There’s a part of me that wants so badly to just put my head down and push through all the discomfort.

“just suck it up Lisa”

“just raise your vibe”

“what’s the big deal”

“just get over yourself”

“stop being a baby about this”

I lived my life and ran my business this way for years… almost 2 decades worth.

Judgment and criticism ran the show and I prided myself on pushing through everything.

Sure I could still push through and get it done. That would be easy, to be honest.

But make no mistake, I would pay a HIGH price if I do this.

Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, depression…. that shit is real, and your body does. not. lie.

Slowing down and tuning in is WAY harder for a recovering “do-er, overachiever, and high performer”.

Being with the parts of myself that are fighting hard to stay hidden, clinging to not being ready or good enough, or strong enough.

The part of me that wants to stay small, hidden and comfortable sticking to the status quo.

The part of me even knowing what it would cost me physically and emotionally, doesn’t fucking care and says JUST PUSH THROUGH and get over yourself.

I’m doing big things and it’s shifting BIG things in me.

It’s challenging my beliefs, tugging at my most vulnerable places and digging up old wounds.

Growth is forcing me to shed everything that no longer serves me. Emotionally, energetically and physically.

Who am I to claim all this and unapologetically go after my dreams?

Entrepreneurship DEMANDS you become the person who does all of this and more.

It demands that you stop DOING and start paying attention to what needs to shift from the inside out.

Full Frontal Living™ demands all of this.

I hold space for my clients to learn how to do this, and I hold space for myself to lean into this.

It’s not any easier for me than it is for them.

I want to numb it out.

But I can’t and I won’t.

Which means I won’t rush things either.

Emotions can’t hold you hostage when you let them speak, and scream, and cry.

My website will launch on Monday October 30… not because I’m looking for perfectionism but because I don’t want to push through.

I want to savour this, celebrate this and feel all of it.

It may not seem like a big deal from where you’re sitting but to me this is huge.

It represents years of growth, letting go and becoming who I am today.

It seems fitting that this is the most treasured gift I’ll give myself as I turn 45 this Sunday.

Monday I’ll reveal not just my new website, but my story and the depth of the work I’ve been doing for years now. I’ll also be calling in the right women and men who know this is the work they need to do.

Thanks for sharing my journey and I’m looking forward to being on this journey with more of you.