Have you suffered from a chronic injury that won’t heal no matter what methods you try? How relieved would you feel to be free of the constant ache and worry that you’re destined to live out the rest of your life this way? All it might take to heal your chronic pain is an emotional shift.

Today, I’ve brought on a very special guest Jake Currie, founder of Mind Body Masters. Originally a chiropractor, he quit and sold his successful practice in 2018. Contending with unexplained chronic pain and injuries all his life, he’s dedicated himself to understanding the causes of pain, how to eliminate them, and helping others heal from the inside out.

I’m a beneficiary of his work firsthand. In this episode, he and I discuss uncovering the emotional specifics behind your chronic condition and how you have the power to heal yourself physically and emotionally.

[7:14] – How Jake discovered German New Medicine and healed his groin pain

[11:21] – Why the reemergence of my old hamstring injury became a turning point in my life

[15:12] – The devastating effect that chronic stress has on your muscles and joints

[16:32] – The truth behind the timing of your pain and using that to help you find answers

[18:01] – Discover your neurological wiring and what pain on different sides of the body mean

[19:30] – How Jake discovers the root cause of people’s pain and helps shift it

[24:53] – An analogy that demonstrates how pain in your body works for your benefit

[28:00] – Why symptoms are blessings and what pain really indicates about your emotional state

[31:35] – Why most people falsely believe that pain is purely physical

[33:43] – What so many of the women I see don’t recognize about their weight

[34:36] – The state people fall into that becomes a distraction and a full-time job

[40:19] – My fear about what’ll happen if we don’t deal with our trauma from the pandemic

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