How to break the weekend eating binge.

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Hey ladies good morning & happy Monday.
Okay so, Monday morning and I’m seeing a lot of things up in the group about your logs and how many of you go sideways on the weekends, it’s so much easier Monday to Friday.

So I’m going to lay some smack down, some straight talk, about weekends.

One of the things I had to reconcile about being an online entrepreneur is the fact that I don’t subscribe anymore to the Monday to Friday, the 9 to 5, that’s not my life.

In fact, I read something this morning about how,  when we go to school we learn patterns.  We’re in school from September to the beginning of July and then we are off July and August.

After we move into daily life we build in the Monday to Friday pattern.

So one of the things I had to reconcile is the fact that I don’t live by those rules anymore.

If I feel inspired on a Saturday, I’m going to work on a Saturday.

If I feel inspired on a Sunday and I want to write something or shoot a video, I’m just going to shoot it.

It doesn’t mean that I have to work all day, it doesn’t mean I have to put my head down and grind things out.

It’s not about that, it’s about recognizing that I was attached to those rules.

Even when it comes to the summer, although my goal is eventually to have one month off in the summer to just hang out with my kids; the truth is I can no longer subscribe to this holiday pattern.

That’s not really my life.

I really love my work and I’m no longer making it wrong or bad or whatever for me to want to work even if I’m on holidays because it really lights me up.

Okay so there’s my little bit of a rant that I needed to get out.

So how does this relate to food and weekends?

I love how I feel when I treat my body well.

If I’m going to put down anything and rest it would probably be exercise.

This weekend I went away, I didn’t get up extra early to exercise or get my lunges in or whatever; I didn’t care.

I know I’m always going to be physically active and if I go for more than 2 or 3 days I start to get a little bit itchy like I need to get out and move.

I put your exercise down but I never put my eating down.

So stop thinking about the schedule that you’re maintaining from Monday to Friday and then letting the weekend come and allowing everything to go to shit.

Tuesday is the same as a Saturday.

If how you feed your body is important to you, you’re going to figure out how to make it work but as long as you put this attention on Monday to Friday and Saturday Sunday being this totally different entity,you will continue to be stuck in this pattern.

Just like I can work on vacation, I can put in a few hours and write because it can make me feel good.

Isn’t it worth having some stuff in the fridge ready to go for the weekends?

It doesn’t mean you have to be super regimented about everything but it means a commitment to still making better choices on the weekend.

While I was away on this road trip, I got a kitchenette because I always get a kitchenette. We had hard boiled eggs, smoked salmon, Greek yogurt, fruits is always easy, and bags of veggies. I keep it super simple.

When I’m travelling or it’s the weekend, I keep it super super simple.

So I may not get in five meals maybe I only get in three square meals and maybe a few extra things roll in.

I think I was picking at Jake’s Smarties and I had a toffee because I love toffee.

Anyways, I digressed, the bottom line is stop putting this focus on this Monday to Friday attitude around your food.

It’s just not the truth so try and reframe it because it has more to do with the mindset and less to do with your ability to prepare and eat your food.

Even if you ate at out every single weekend, you could still do it really well.

Even if I had brought nothing with me this weekend I could have eaten clean.

It may not have been hitting numbers clean but it doesn’t effing matter.

That’s the point.

So have a wonderful Monday to Friday, have a wonderful Monday to Sunday!

Day one, day two, day three, day four, call it whatever you want, but really think about your mindset around what weekdays vs. weekends mean for you.

If you are basing your meal plans around everything being structured, you’re setting yourself up to fail because life just doesn’t work like that.

The only thing consistent in life is that there is going to be change.

You’ll switch jobs, you’ll have a baby, you’ll move, somebody will die, somebody will get sick; shit happens.

So your food needs to become part of your lifestyle and not part of this perfect box that you fit into and if everything is just perfect you’ll be able to do this.


You got to figure out how you are going to create a lifestyle so you can feel good about your choices all the time.

Okay off my soapbox now, again five minutes, six minute video. Damn it. Ladies I’m going to try and shorten these.

But hey it’s five minutes that can change your life so what the hell.

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XO ~ L

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