Hi there, it’s Lisa from lisacarpenter.ca and I’m a Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach.

What are you doing to help you stay connected to YOU?

One of the things that I talk about with my clients all the time is the fact that weight loss is rarely just about the food.

So yes, knowing what to eat and how to eat and put it all together for weight loss is one piece of the puzzle.

But the truth is

how we feed out bodies generally has more to do with how we’re actually treating ourselves and the relationship that we’re having with ourselves.

It’s been summertime here and I have been enjoying more downtimes, spending more time with my family, getting out and about, and enjoying things that I really love to do.

I had an opportunity while vacationing with my boys and some friends to swing on a rope off of the cliff and hop into a lake.

Adventure is something I really love in my life however, perfectionism, holding myself back, not being in the moment have been things that have taken me out of alignment with who I am and have robbed me of having a lot of fun in my life in the past.

I have to work really hard on finding those pieces of me that I really like, that are fun and that are spontaneous.

So I had an opportunity to swing off this rope and jump into the water and I remember I sat on the boat thinking,

“I can’t do this.”

“I don’t wanna get my hair wet.”

“I’m not wearing the right bathing suit.”

“What if I can’t do this?”

I decided that I wasn’t gonna live my life with “shoulds”.

I didn’t wanna get back to the cabin and realized that I missed an opportunity for me to do something outside of my comfort zone, have a little bit of fun and play and just be in the moment.

So I got myself in the water.

I went up the cliff and then I stood there terrified because it looked a lot higher when I was standing up there than it did from my view on the boat, and I counted myself down with my kids
(working through fear can’t be rushed but eventually you must leap….big thanks to my cheering squad!)

and I did it.

It was so fun and I was so happy that I stepped through the discomfort of trying that new thing and being in the moment.

So, I want to challenge you to think about the things that you love to do that maybe you’re holding yourself back from because you think your weight is getting the way or you can’t do that thing until you do this thing first.

How many opportunities are you robbing yourself of that would really ignite your spirit and help you feel more connected to you beyond how your body is looking?

So, write your comments below.

I wanna hear the things that you’ve been holding yourself back on that you’re willing to lean into and and give a try regardless of what you weight you’re at.

Because here’s the thing even when you drop those 20 pounds,

if you are not willing to show up in your life now, even at 20 pounds lighter, you’re still not gonna show up.

You’re going to continue to find reasons of why you can’t yet.

So, your challenge for this week is to step into doing more things that you have been missing out on that you haven’t been giving yourself permissions to do.

Maybe it’s an activity that you’ve always wanted to try and you’ve been a little afraid to do it, maybe it’s kayaking or paddle boarding or going for a hike, something that you are holding yourself back from.

So comment below, let me know what that is so I can cheer you on and give you high five.

If you haven’t heard yet, my 10 Days of You challenge will help you re-define your relationship with food and your body, maybe lose a few pounds, but really get connected with who you are and what is really getting in the way of your weight loss is starting September 9th.

You can find the link to sign-up below and hope to see you on the challenge and I look forward to reading your comments below.



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