Episode 32 – ATS – Getting Over Disappointment

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Today, the All the Stuff gals Lisa Carpenter, Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach, along with Lisa Sharp, Empowerment Coach and Clutter Expert, and Jen Turrell, Financial Personal Trainer for Women, share their thoughts on handling disappointment when things don’t go quite as planned.       

Sometimes, even when you are doing everything you need to do, the end result is not forthcoming.  Lisa Carpenter, who was fresh out of a launch for her program E.A.T. at the time of recording, offered this question:  “Are you willing to keep moving through the discomfort of not knowing when you are going to get there, but having unwavering faith that it is coming?”   In weight loss, as in business, and pretty much anything endeavor we undertake, time, tenacity and consistency is what gets us closer to our goals.

Jen Turrell, an avid writer, shared a snippet from the book Big Magic, where a famous author was giving a talk, and at the end, a man stood up.  This mad said he has been writing as long as he had, and despite trying and trying again, he had never had anything published.  The author offered empathy, and then suggested that he walk away from writing.  Go and live your life, he said, and then if you begin to miss it, and rediscover the passion that led you to start writing in the first place, go back to it.  For Jen, it is the act of writing that gives her the greatest pleasure.  She shared how she has dreams and goals of getting published and has three books in the works.  Even if that never happens, she will still write every day.  The passion has to be there before the expectation of an outcome does.

Lisa Sharp offered this cautionary thought.  In your face down moments, it is important to share with people who hold a safe space for you and will support you when things get tough and you are at your most vulnerable.  It is much easier to fold and give up in those times. Seek out your support network – your cheerleaders and remember why you were doing it in the first place!

Closing thought…

The journey is the destination…  It is important to make peace with the process and the stories we are telling ourselves about the process.  And sometimes, we need to walk away from it in order to appreciate just how much the actual process, or journey makes us feel.  

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Book:  The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert