Episode 36 – ATS – How to Manage Your Moods and S.A.D.

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Are the cold, dreary days of winter giving you the blues?  Today, the All the Stuff gals Jen Turrell, Financial Personal Trainer for Women, Lisa Carpenter, Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach, and Lisa Sharp, Empowerment Coach and Clutter Expert, share their thoughts on seasonal mood swings and how to manage them.    

When Lisa Sharp discovered she was suffering from S.A.D. she immediately started research to find out what could help the feelings of sadness and depression that come along with this ailment.  Fish oil and a sun lamp proved extremely beneficial to her and helps her  combat the effects of the gloomy weather.

Lisa Carpenter lives in Vancouver where it is quite grey and gloomy from the months of November to February.  She also suffers from S.A.D., and has a huge sun lamp to regenerate, along with vitamin supplements including vitamin D and omega 3s.  She also recognizes that this time of year is a time where she has to up her self care and be as kind and compassionate towards herself as possible.

Omega 3s, or fish oil, is extremely important in supporting your emotional health and moods both during periods of S.A.D., and PMS.  Flax oil is also very beneficial and can be added to foods such a soups and salads.  Lisa Sharp suggest a subscribe and save through Amazon so you never run out and use your timer or alarm on your phone to remind you to take it.  Decluttering your environment is also a great way to clear out heaviness.  

While it is normal to have days when you feel down, if you spend days at a time feeling blue and are not motivated to do things you once enjoyed, you may want to see your doctor. Antidepressants may help you balance out your moods and allow you to enjoy life once again.   

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Barleans Fish Oil:  http://www.barleans.com/swirls