Something happened last week that I want to talk about today. It highlights how we’re all connected, something that Mother Nature shows us all the time. But what happened also carries a common message that I needed to hear and want to share with you. So in this episode, I reveal what happened, how the message I got out of it has already changed my life, and how it can change yours too.

[3:26] – The joy and necessity I find in shaking up my routine sometimes

[8:08] – The magical thing that happened in my backyard last week

[12:00] – The lesson we really need to understand from Mother Nature

[14:45] – How I’ve become more discerning and the position I thought I’d never be in

[16:54] – What’s often required of you if you’re struggling to accomplish the things you want

[19:31] – The powerful medicine that comes with bees

[22:08] – How nature demonstrates our ability to defy what’s possible

[27:22] – Looking at who decides how you choose to live your life

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