“Lisa, I need more variety”

“If I had a few more recipe idea’s everything would come together”

“I am bored of eating the same things all the time”

“Can you help me with some recipe idea’s?”

These questions and comments are common place in my program and valid when clients are in the learning process and as a good coach I provide idea’s, links and piles of resources to help move everyone forward.

But soon enough I am calling B.S. when I continue to get the same comments.

Why you ask?  

Have you googled healthy recipes lately?  Have you been on pinterest (yes we have a growing board built by alumni!)?

The world will NEVER run out of idea’s of how to cook chicken (or anything else for that matter!)

Women in my program, are given a world of choice and knowledge to empower them.  They are given a world where they are free to choose the foods they put in their bodies and then… THEY FREEZE.

Even when they know all the pieces they can still find themselves stuck to the “comfort zone”.  

This is a story we tell ourselves to keep us stuck even when we have the information we need to move forward.   Every E.A.T! alumni transitions into a place that I call their “new normal”.  They have integrated all the pieces and understand the roles of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and how to put it all together so they are free to design the meals they want.  They have figured out the food combinations that work for them and that feel “easy” to throw together but soon the realization hits.

This takes more work.  

They are not “done”… in fact they will never be “done”… holy shit this is what building a true lifestyle looks like… there is no end, there is no finish.  This isn’t a diet program that when you slide back into your skinny jeans you can shout wooo hooo, wipe your hands and get off the ride.   

This program is for life because you CAN’T unlearn what I teach.

Creating and living a healthy lifestyle, loving your body, accepting where you are today and still working towards how you want to feel in your skin is worth working for. This means recognizing the little gremlins that tell you the lack of variety that is holding you back or if you only had a few more recipes or if you weren’t so bored with what you were eating blah blah blah.  

I don’t mean to be so blunt (oh who am I kidding I TOTALLY want to be blunt) but this is where the rubber hits the road.  This is where you really get to step into taking responsibility for the lifestyle you are creating and for those feelings you are reaching for.  If you want to love the food you are eating then GET OFF YOUR ASS and get on line and discover what you are looking for.  

Stop being bored eating the same thing, stop telling yourself you don’t have enough variety, stop looking at all the things you feel like you shouldn’t eat, stop looking at the time you say you don’t have.  

STOP with the excuses and check in with what is really going on for you.  We run from discomfort every chance we get BUT when you stare it down and plunge into it KNOWING what you want is on the other side, it will start to melt away.


You don’t need to be Julia Child to whip together a great tasting meal you just have to want to try.

Make a commitment to continue to evolve your recipes and your lifestyle.  Give yourself permission to try new things, get messy and GASP possibly even throw something out you made and hated.  Give yourself permission to stay in the game, be creative and TRY ONE NEW RECIPE PER WEEK.

Keep it simple.  

Remember its about staying in the game by giving yourself a recipe a week that inspires you to try.  

So go out there and find some quick, easy and tasty recipes and then head back and share your favourite food links in the comments or on my facebook page so we can spread the culinary love.  (keep reading below for a couple to get you started!)

Never forget YOU are the creator of the lifestyle you want.  It’s a big responsibility but YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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Let me take care of week one with a new recipe for you!

2 to 3 oz ground beef (or turkey, or chicken or…)

2 cups cut green beans

1tbsp hemp hearts

pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon

Throw it all in your skillet (or your microwave for all you crazy busy people!)

Heat and eat baby!!

One more for good measure (and hell this covers a new recipe for TWO weeks!!)

Nutty Greek Yogurt

3/4 cup natural non fat greek yogurt

2 tsp pure cocoa

1 tbsp raw almond butter (you can also try coconut mana, or peanut butter OR any nut butter)

1 pinch of vanilla stevia drops (sweet leaf)

Stir and enjoy!

~ Lisa