Friends, family, and other saboteurs, let’s talk about it shall we?

I’m Lisa from and I am a weight loss and transformational life coach; nutritional ninja is what my alumni love to call me.

Today I wanted to talk about saboteurs and how to take responsibility for what you want for your relationship with food and your body.

So here’s two tips for you.   (full transcript below)


 Never use the word diet.

As soon as you tell somebody that you are on a diet, they immediately want to save you.

You must be deprived and you need to be fixed.

“Come on just have one piece of this or have one drink of that”.

So, you’re not on a diet, nobody needs to be on a diet, but changing your lifestyle does take work.

It does mean you’re going to say not to things that maybe you would have said yes to in the past, but what you’re doing with your relationship with your food is only your business.

End of story.

So own that piece of it.

Let go of the word diet all together.

Somebody ask you, “Are you on a diet?”

You can be like that cartoon.

“No I’m creating a healthy lifestyle!” (make sure you use BIG hand gestures!)

Point number two:

Be consistent.

Be consistent, your words must be equal your actions.

As a parent, I’m a parent of three boys, if I say one thing and do another, guess what, they are going to be out of control.

It is so important that I show up and be consistent with my message to them.

So if you do this, this is going to happen and then follow through on that.

They learn the boundaries and when they can or can’t push them.

The same is true when it comes to nutrition.

People ask me how I maintain my physique, how I maintain my healthy eating.

I eat out all the time; I really love to eat out.

Friends and family don’t bug me about, “oh come on Lisa have a piece of cake or come on Lisa have a glass of wine”.

Nobody bugs me because I have been so consistent around my choices, around my yes’s, around my no’s, around really owning the fact that they are my choices to make and that they have no say in that.

I’m a big girl, if I want a piece of cake, I can choose to have a piece of cake.

So, I don’t get bugged about food. It’s just the bottom line.

I have been so consistent with my actions that nobody bats an eye.

And you know what?

If I do choose to have a dessert or whatever when I’m out with friends, nobody bats an eye at that either.

Nobody comments on my choices.

Nobody comments on whether or not I’m asking for my salad dressing on the side, because people know that this is important to me.

This is what I’m saying to you.

Your consistency about your choices over time really does matter.

And that’s how people will start to realize, “Oh wow she’s serious about this, this is really important to her. She’s being really consistent about it.”

And you have to stay consistent, it’s a trust building exercise.

I talked about trust yesterday. Click HERE

So there you have it, there’s  two main things that you really need to look at when you’re trying to rid your life of those saboteurs.

Remember everybody you are at the table with, all bringing their own stories and their own perspective around their relationship with body, their relationship with food.


There stories are NOT your stories.

Be responsible for what you want for yourself.

If you are really looking to lose weight, change your body, create a new relationship with food, then own that.

You’re allowed to make mistakes; you can’t get it right, you can’t get it wrong but really start to be consistent and these saboteurs may end up being amazing support networks for you.

So if you’re interested in learning more about what I do, the program that I teach and how I really bring women back to food freedom, feeling empowered, being able to take true ownership of their choices, without judgment without guilt, you can hop over to HERE> 

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