Are you comfortable saying no to people when you want to? Or do you take on things you don’t want so that others won’t call you a b*&#@? Your energy is your #1 priority, but lacking boundaries leaks it from you like a sieve. It’s your responsibility to plug in the holes.

So in this episode, I talk you through setting clear boundaries and share some of my own stories. I also cover how to deal with your guilt and other people’s reactions when you draw that uncrossable line in the sand. The reward waiting for you on the other side is not only worth it but also serves as a stepping stone toward having a wonderful relationship with yourself first!

[4:58] – What boundaries are not about

[7:08] – What happened the 1st time I set a big boundary with someone close to me

[10:34] – Examples of what weak boundaries look like

[17:11] – Beware of using boundaries for these reasons

[24:46] – What boundary setting requires from you

[30:12] – How to apply this Brené Brown quote when setting boundaries

[35:03] – What you teach others when you fail to follow through on your boundaries

[39:20] – Things you can and can’t control when setting your boundaries

[42:38] – Takeaways to help you start setting boundaries

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