Initially, I didn’t intend to share this, but it’s so good that I had to. I recently retired my Weight Loss From Within program, despite it still doing really well, because I don’t want to focus on just weight loss anymore. To be in integrity with my work, I must ensure that I’m talking about the importance of caring for your physical and emotional well-being, not just specifically focused on how to lose weight.

In late January, I ran a masterclass and poured my heart and soul into it. I had my team strip out the coaching portions and just include myself sharing information on how to stop worrying about your weight, love your body, and take control of your health. So without further ado, enjoy the masterclass!

[10:00] – The problem with focusing on the problem you think you have

[15:07] – Showing up for your body instead of expecting it to show up for you

[21:51] – Body follows the mind, so whatever you tell yourself will become your truth

[27:09] – Data about your body doesn’t tell you how to feel but allows for better decisions

[33:51] – An acronym to write down that’ll help you slow down, pause, and tune in

[42:17] – One major strategy you must do to lose weight and choosing your tolerations

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