My guest on this week’s episode of The Manifesting Mum Podcast with Gemma Benad is Lisa Carpenter and she knows the power of taking responsibility.

Her story is inspiring, raw, honest and liberating.

I (virtually) met Lisa as one of Jim Fortin’s Coaches inside his Transformational Coaching Program.

This program has changed EVERYTHING for my husband and me.

Lisa opened up inside that community and shared herself, her story and coached me and hundreds of others through transformations that could take a lifetime to achieve if left undetected by wiser eyes and ears.

It is her innate ability to help you see life differently that makes this episode truly AMAZING.

So, pop up your feet now or save this post as a reminder because this is one episode you NEED to listen to.

I could have chatted to Lisa for days. She is wise. She has lived. She is experienced. She is honest.

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