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Episode 132: How to Actually Feel Your Feelings

So many of the clients I work with are high-achievers who don’t recognize this fact about themselves. They feel like no matter what they achieve it isn’t good enough, because they’re comparing it or measuring it against someone or something else. So today, I want...

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Episode 131: No Emotion Is Negative

Today, I’m gonna rant a little. As I step more and more into my leadership role, I think it’s important to also share the icky bits. You can’t truly experience the expansion of joy and gratitude if you’re not also willing to dance at the other end of the emotional...

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Episode 129: You Cannot Have What You Envy in Others

What do you believe about others who have what you want? Today’s topic of discussion came up in the last round of my now retired Weight Loss From Within program. The journaling prompt centered around how you can’t have for yourself what you hate or envy in others....

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