Podcast Episodes


The 100th episode best of the best recap

In this special 100th episode Lisa reflects back on the journey this podcast has taken her listeners on from the day it launched back in March of 2019. Today she shares her top 10 list of must-listen episodes filled with nuggets of wisdom and new perspectives and...


Episode 98: How well do you think you know yourself?

In episode 98 Lisa shares her journey of releasing old judgements and how she measured herself against others to create an unrealistic idea of who she thought she should be.  We all tell ourselves stories about who we think we are, what we believe we should be able...


Episode 97: Are you worth it?

In episode 97 Lisa jumps into the conversation about women and money.  Have you considered what it looks like when you want to invest in yourself?  Maybe it's a new outfit or maybe it's a larger investment like 1:1 coaching or joining a program such as Jim Fortins...