Podcast Episodes


What are you normalizing?

In episode 67 Lisa dives into the difference between physical and emotional fatigue and how often her clients step over this important energy metric.  This podcast focuses on helping high functioning women slow down and do less better and today we're talking about...


What’s possible for YOU if you just start?

In episode 66 Lisa celebrates the Full Frontal Living™ podcast turning ONE!!  She also dives in and share's the behind the scenes of her business over the past fiscal year and the journey of who she had to become and what she had to be committed to in order to...


What failure can teach you about success.

In episode 63 of the podcast, Lisa reflects on one of her most profound moments of "failure" and what it taught her about success.  When we cling to the achievement as THE THING we miss out on what is most important and that is the journey on the way to the goal....