Podcast Episodes


Episode 39: The power of receiving with Adam Kiddoo

In today's bonus episode Lisa introduces her listeners to her friend, colleague and fellow coach Adam Kiddoo where they dive deep into a conversation about giving and receiving. They explore giving as a way to control and what it means to give with NO attachment....


Episode 38: What are you committed to?

To lead an extraordinary life and create extraordinary results it all comes down to who you are willing to become.  In todays episode Lisa dives into what it means to be disciplined, committed and navigate the feelings of discomfort that will come up along the...


Episode 32: Who are you willing to become?

In today's episode Lisa shares her decision to compete and takes you down memory lane as she reflects on her journey on stage over 13 years ago.  She shares her constant need to "seek" to find happiness and how so much of her life was about avoiding, hiding...