Podcast Episodes


Episode 85: The power of a pause

In episode 85 Lisa returns after a week hiatus from the podcast to share why she didn't record a new episode and the power available to you when you give yourself permission to pause.  Pushing to push only leads to burnout and adrenal fatigue not to mention the...


Episode 84: Are you willing to jump?

In episode 84 Lisa shares her experience on a high ropes course and what you can learn from being vulnerable and moving past your fears. Are you willing to conquer the fears that are holding you back?  Lisa challenges her listeners to look at where they are...


Episode 83: Are you a casualty of circumstance?

In episode 83 Lisa dives into what it means to work from circumstances and challenges her listeners to consider the price they might be paying for not being adaptable and resilient. When you learn to master your inner world you'll master your outer world and you'll...