As I record today’s show, my time to take the stage at my first WBFF bodybuilding show approaches. I’m in the home stretch and have been 100% focused on that.  While you’re probably not preparing for a bodybuilding show like I am, surely there are things in your life that feel hard. You have to juggle lots of things, and you want to do great things in your life.

But you’re also tired and trying to figure out how to get everything done and make yourself a priority. So today’s episode is all about how I’ve made doing this really hard thing filled with as much ease as possible in hopes that you can translate what I did into your own life.

[2:34] – Why I made the decision to get back to being an athlete

[5:11] – What I had to be willing to do in my business to commit to this path

[11:13] – How I approach my days right now, balance things out, and put myself first

[15:25] – Where I focused on gathering support to aid me in this process

[19:53] – What helps keep me data-driven, not emotionally-driven, during this body transformation process

[22:42] – The inspiration I hope you take away from this episode

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