Spring in Vancouver.  B.L.I.S.S.

My spirit soars when the grey skies finally open up and the sun shines down on this beautiful place I call home.  My flip flops made their first appearance of the season and I am writing this post from the patch of sunshine on the deck of my new home.

2014-04-13 15.33.53

I love the stripping down that comes with the brighter and warmer days but for most of my clients stripping down is the last thing they are looking forward to.

This is the time of year when that inner voice starts to get louder… 

“I need to get my eating under control and deal with my sugar bug”

Easter is next weekend and the stores have been stocked with goodies for months now that have been feeding the dreaded “sugar bug”.

This bug is the real deal and it is a parasite many (including myself) wish would just go away.  It LOVES holidays and especially loves mini eggs and bite size goodies. Just one we tell ourselves….

Just one.. yeah right.

That is a bunch of B.S. because by now you KNOW that one is never enough and even if you tuck the bag away your sugar bug will be leading you back to it sooner than later.

So how do you combat the dreaded 2 pm sugar bug?

H. A. L. T!

H is for hungry.  

(Does anyone else hear cookie monsters theme song playing… C is for cookie that’s good enough for me… I digress)

If you are reaching for sugar as a pick me up, check in with yourself about when your last meal was.  If you can’t remember, then its time to eat some real food.  Our bodies and our brains need food to function.  That sugar bug didn’t appear out of the blue, you created it!  When you go for long stretches without eating your body is going to start craving the food it needs for survival and to clear the brain fog.

Commit to eating at regular intervals during the day with a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and your energy level will stay elevated and your sugar bug won’t be barking to be fed.

2014-04-09 15.29.11

A is for Angry or Anxious.

What kind of day you are having?  Did you get in a tiff with your hubby?  Are you ready to kill your kids (please tell me I am not the only one who has been there…)?  Are you feeling anxious about something going on in your life (or perhaps this is just the status quo in your world).  If you are hating your job, frustrated in your life, disappointed in yourself or your current status this all falls into this emotional category.

Our emotions steer our choices and often poor choices are made in an effort to turn away from, not deal with, not feel or simply stuff down or ignore how we feeling.  Sugar gives us an instant high and makes us feel happy… you don’t need me to tell you that this euphoric feeling is temporary.

Food is the ultimate mood altering substance for many women.  If you are an emotional eater I encourage you to spend more time working with and through these emotions instead of using food to numb them.

Reach out to a friend, connect, be heard and learn to honour how you are feeling instead of feeding how you are feeling.

L is for Lonely.

This ties into Angry and Anxious and is all about learning and FEELING what is really going on for you.  Being lonely doesn’t mean you are alone in many cases.  It represents a disconnect you may be feeling from yourself and what makes you happy.  I have met many women who don’t even know when they lost themselves to their lives.

Again the solution here is to reach out and connect.  It is healing and will flood your body with the good mood hormones, without the unwanted calories.  If you are struggling to find your way back to who you are, and wanting to fall in love with your body and your hire a coach.  I know some great ones 😉

T is for Tired.

Show me a mom, wife, or working woman who isn’t.  We wear this one like a damn badge of honour and I am here to tell  you that it is NOTHING to be proud of.  It’s time to stop pushing through and trying to get one more load of laundry done (feel free to insert your chore of choice) and get some damn rest.

2014-01-16 20.53.14

Sleep is TOPS on my list when it comes to taking care of yourself.   When we are tired we will reach for anything to sooth ourselves.  Start listening to the cues your body is giving you and recognize when you are tired and need rest.  Stop turning to food when the real message your body is trying to deliver is the need for more chill time.  We often mistake thirst and a need for rest as hunger.  The better you can get at listening to your bodies TRUE needs the better you will feel and the smaller your sugar bug will get.

H.A.L.T!  Get to know this acronym and how it relates to your the growth of your own sugar bug.  Put your focus on what you need to do for you to feel great everyday without the need of sugar to keep you going.

Eat wholesome food regularly through out the day (and if you are not used to this set yourself daily reminders on your phone to eat!)

Check in with your feelings instead of trying to mood alter with food to get away from them.  Connect with friends, coaches and yourself and feed what really needs nourishment… Your soul.

Ride the wave of all those beautiful emotions and let yourself come alive.

Make a good night sleep non-negotiable, along with time that can be spent playing.  When our bodies and spirits rest and play we feel great and making choices that support this become easy.

2014-04-11 13.56.552014-04-11 13.57.58

A few final tips and comments…

Mini Eggs.

Just don’t buy them.

Be honest with yourself and don’t bring things into your house with the promise you won’t eat them.  The more you can STOP B.S’ing yourself the less likely you will even have these kind of treats around if your sugar bug comes out of hiding.  Make feeding your little bug a bigger challenge… who knows maybe en route to your nearest 7-11 you will remember to H.A.L.T and grab a healthier snack instead!

If your 2 pm bug has become a habit, even with the above mentioned strategies you are still in for a bit of a white knuckle ride.  Habits can’t be tossed out the window and you must work with them to coax change.  The cravings will still kick in so be conscious and ready with a plan BEFORE the clock strikes 2 (or whatever your trigger time of day is!).  Time, tenacity and a commitment to make lasting changes in your life using the H.A.L.T strategy will work if you work them!

~ Lisa

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