I’m seeing a huge trend in my industry and it’s a trend I’ve seen before.


There’s always going to be a new weight loss fad.
I get it.
We need to be eating less refined sugars.
However, focusing on sugar as the enemy distracts us from the bigger picture.
What does your overall nutrition look like?

If you’re cutting out sugar but you’re not actually increasing the amount of lean protein you’re
eating, looking at the type of carbohydrates you’re eating or if you’re getting in those quality
fats, cutting out sugar is one piece of the nutritional puzzle but it’s not the biggest piece.
You must stop looking for the quick fix whether it be, fear of sugar, fear of carbohydrates, or fear of fat.
There is room for everything when  you can see the bigger picture.
Are you really looking at the overall picture of your nutrition?
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