I used to be “that girl”.

You know the one…. she sits in the corner looking flawless, poised, unapproachable.
Always put together.

But I wasn’t.

I used my “pretty” and how I looked physically to mask deep insecurities.

I wasn’t good enough

Afraid people would judge me

If I kept it together and looked like I had my shit together no one would know I was falling apart.

No one would know I was beating myself up emotionally.

No one would know how much I was struggling with feeling like I didn’t fit in, didn’t know enough, wasn’t smart.

I was constantly judging myself BUT making it about others… what would “they” think…

My perfectionism was my biggest blind spot. I didn’t even realize how much I was using it to mask who I really was.

Not just from the outside world.
But also from myself.

Today I am the girl who gets up and dances like no one is watching at parties instead of being the girl poised in the corner with the amazing dress and killer high heels (don’t get me wrong… the dress and shoes I still love but NOW I wooop it up in them!)

face painting

I am the girl who gets her face painted because it is fun and I never had the courage to say “yes, me too please” and would just stand back and let everyone else have a turn and then feel sad I had missed out.


I am the girl that lines up to get balloon animals in the grocery store, talks to strangers and sparkles all the time.

The irony

I was that girl all along.

I was never an introvert (although I wouldn’t classify myself as extroverted either…)

I was just insecure and didn’t want anyoneto see anything other than the mask I choose to present to the world.

Many of you know me as a nutrition coach and I am that AND MORE.

Don’t put me in a box or make me claim a certain niche because I can’t and I won’t.

The universe is going to draw women toward me who resonate with my message. Some of you will find me because of your struggles with food and some of you will seek me out because my message about my stories and who I am.

I am happy to work with any woman who is struggling to find her way back (yes backbecause I guarantee what you are looking for is already inside you).

Maybe food is masking who you are.

Maybe you too struggle with perfectionism..

or people pleasing

Maybe you have forgotten how you feel.

I mean how you REALLY feel.
When was the last time you slowed down enough to check in with your emotions?

The relationship we have with ourselves is the gateway to everything we want in life.
The courage to look at yourself and question what your masks are can be scary

AND liberating.

My E.A.T! course launched and my schedule has opened up for the right women to join me to start their journey.  Just click the E.A.T! icon to your right to learn more ——–>

Reach out if YOU are one of those women and lets talk.

I am the ultimate emotional wingman to help you connect with you.