In this special 100th episode Lisa reflects back on the journey this podcast has taken her listeners on from the day it launched back in March of 2019.

Today she shares her top 10 list of must-listen episodes filled with nuggets of wisdom and new perspectives and stories that will help you transform from an over-doing, exhausted go-getter to a woman who can loosen her grip on life so that you can make your physical and emotional well-being a priority.

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Episode 2  Lessons from an over-doer and the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and burnout

Episode 9  A step by step guide to transformation

Episode 15  How to stop yelling at your kids and be a great mom

Episode 23  How to say NO without feeling like a b*^tch

Episode 34  How to create your alter ego and become the woman you’ve dreamed about

Episode 36  An intimate conversation about my hubby about relationships, identity and recovery from addiction and co-dependency

Episode 43  Having needs doesn’t make you needy

Episode 46  Why guilt is a good thing

Episode 47   The power of discomfort in transformation

Episode 80   What is being codependent vs being kind and empathetic?