Welcome to my 5 part series that highlights the top mistakes I see women making in the pursuit of creating a body they love (aka weight loss) and keeping it off (ah, the elusive “lifestyle”).  You have made it to mistake number 4 but if you missed my previous post follow the link below to get yourself caught up.

Let’s do this David Letterman style…

#5.  Believing will power and goal setting is the answer. (Find the full post HERE!)

#4.  Believing the right diet or exercise program is the answer.

WHAT?!  But Lisa, I thought this WAS the key?

Yes and no.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad but in this case that 3rd key unlocks the magic to lasting weight loss results.

You can't out train a lousy diet.

What you eat and regular activity are two very important keys in maintaining a healthy body and there are multiple experts, programs, plans and diets out there but if you haven’t noticed women are STILL struggling.

Women believe that if they find the right diet and the perfect exercise program, THEN they will feel and look great.

It’s the old “I’ll be happy, I’ll feel better, I will like my body when… ” story that robs us from being happy (fit, healthy etc.) now.

Lasting weight loss that allows you to look and feel great is an inside job.

So yes, the food you eat and regular exercise is important BUT without equal attention being paid to the 3rd key which is deeply held emotions, patterns and self limiting beliefs about your body and your relationship with food, lasting weight loss will NOT be possible.

Can I get an AMEN!!

What are you doing to feel great about who you are right now?

E.A.T! is about helping clients create their own blueprint so that they are the captains of their own nutritional ship, however even my program isn’t the end all be all.  Ask anyone I have worked with and they will tell you that I stress continued growth and curiosity around food and what works and feels best for their bodies.  I help them lay a foundation of knowledge and I expect them to continue to explore building on what they have learned.

# 4 is about having the courage to do the emotional work that will allow you to re-define your relationship with food.

If you have a lifetime relationship with dieting, negative self talk and stories about your body NO diet will ever help you achieve what you are looking for.  You must be willing to do this important inner work and look at your patterns, habits and triggers around food and eating.

In 2008 I had laser eye surgery to correct my vision (BTW one of THE best decisions I have ever made).  After a lifetime of wearing contact lenses it took me over a YEAR to stop poking my fingers into my eye’s to fish out lenses that no longer existed.

Habits and behaviours DO NOT disappear overnight just because the conditions have changed.  

Unless you get clear on the role food plays in your life, become conscious of when and why you eat and address your TRIGGERS, you will forever be trapped in your diet cycle.

Ladies, it is NOT just about the food.  Sure, what you eat, when you eat, portion sizes etc. matter (and I will address this in future posts) but clients will still struggle if they can’t or won’t take an honest look at their eating gremlins.

Once clients have worked through the E.A.T! program the gremlin of not knowing is removed. During the 10 week program everyone gets a clear blueprint and is empowered with knowledge of how to build, change and OWN their choices.  I have seen time and time again that when clients have the courage to do some inner work on the relationship they have with their bodies, food and with others (playing the “mom” card is a huge gremlin women use to not take care of themselves) and how it impacts what and why they eat, IT IS A GAME CHANGER.


Pay Attention Inward Now.

Keri-Anne Livingstone is a proud E.A.T! alumni and our coaching relationship goes both ways.   She plays an instrumental role in helping me slay my own self limiting gremlins and my E.A.T! program allowed her to step back into her own life.  She is a great example of how you can have lasting success when you are willing to do the inner work to compliment the outer work of eating right and exercising.

As a sign up bonus if you register for the September E.A.T! class prior to August 15th, you will also receive a FREE seat in Keri-Anne’s “The Light-House Effect” workshop ($197 value) on August 30th.  It is a perfect way to experience what it means to do some inner work and open you up to everything the E.A.T! program has to offer.

Start you own journey by having the courage to sit down with a notebook and allowing yourself permission to WRITE down what your limiting beliefs are (i.e. I will never lose weight, I am big boned, I will never have a great body, I am too busy to take care of myself, I have a slow metabolism, I have my mother’s hips, I won’t fit in with my friends, I don’t want to feel deprived, losing weight is too hard…).  Oh the stories I have heard.  Trust me the gremlins that live within women (and yes, men too) are plentiful.

Just let your pen flow and see what comes out.  It may feel uncomfortable, painful and hell, you may even be in total resistance to even doing this exercise.

That resistance is trying to tell you something and the freedom you are looking for lives beyond it.  

Give yourself permission to have those amazing “ah ha” moments when the unconscious become conscious.  You can’t work on limiting beliefs if you are not willing to allow them to rise to the surface.

Look at your list.  Question if what you wrote down is the truth.   Consider alternate perspectives.  Ask yourself how it would feel, and what you would be able to accomplish if they didn’t exist.  Dream and consider hiring a coach to help you work through them.

You can break your dieting cycle and find lasting results… don’t let the false belief that you can’t stop you.  This is what doing your inner work is all about.


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