Are you a “judger”?

I was just taking a really quick break from shooting the final modules for my eat virtual classroom (FINALLY launching May 8th), and took a timeout to reflect on yesterday’s video about fear.
What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
One of my biggest fears in life has been being visible.
I would choose a failing grade in high school over standing up, and giving an oral presentation.
I’ve had to do a tremendous amount of work as a coach and a speaker to allow myself to be seen – from Toastmasters to working with visibility coaches.
The underlying reason for me being afraid of being visible was really the huge amount of judgement that I carried about myself.

Judgment about how my voice sounded, my crooked smile, and wondering if anybody was even going to care about what my message was, or judging me on that message.
It amazes me now that I am not only willing, but absolutely excited to hop on, shoot a quick video, spread my message, and encourage other people to make changes so that they can really live their lives.
So it doesn’t matter if you’re chasing after a body that you want to love, or a life that you really want to love living in. What are your judgements?
What judgements are getting in your way?
Is it the truth?
Are you willing to do the work, so that you can move forward in your life, and feel free?
Can you imagine what it would feel like to be in a body that you loved, appreciated, and could see as being beautiful?
So my smile’s always going to be crooked, and I may never really love how my voice sounds, but they are all parts of me.
They are the very things that make me uniquely me.
I am no longer willing to judge myself or put myself down, because I have a purpose here on this earth, as do all of you.
It’s about living my fullest life, and being able to serve my clients so they can reach for the lives that they want.

If it’s sunny where you are in the world, get outside and enjoy it.
Nothing feels better than the grass under your feet, and the sun on your face. Hit reply and tell me what you’re judging yourself on, and what you’re willing to start working through to put down that judgement of so that you can  embrace who you are, and live your fullest life.
So until next time have a wonderful day!
XO ~