I get asked all the time is how I’ve created a relationship with food and my body that I love?

How have I maintained my physique after all these years?

I’m heading into my 43rd 44th year. I have 3 boys age 15 down to 4. My life’s incredibly busy.


I run a busy business and taking care of myself is one of my number one priorities.

So when people ask me this question that is really what it comes back to you, is I made my health and how I treat myself one of my number one priorities.

When I spend the time to take care of me, to make sure that I fed myself well, I’ve watered myself well, I’ve given myself some activities,  and some exercise.

All these things compound over the years and have allowed me to consistently stay feeling good in my skin and feeling confident about the food choices I make.

I know a little bit more about food than the average bear which is why I teach what I teach.

I want to empower other women to step into this place of understanding that you really do have control over what you put in your mouth, and it doesn’t need to obsessive.

It doesn’t need to be about living on chicken and broccoli.

It’s about stepping into taking full ownership of your choices based on how do you wanna feel. Every single day when your feet hit the floor, when you roll out of the bed, do you want to feel amazing?

What is it gonna take for you to make that happen for you?

I consistently make sure that I am taking care of what I put in my body.

How I move my body.

Getting enough sleep.

Making sure I get lots of extra water.

This didn’t happen overnight.

One of the biggest sabotages that women run up against is they start to get into the habit of putting these things in place but then when they’re not getting the results they’ve wanted quickly they stop.

They look up,  take score of where they are versus where they want to be and they stop making forward progress.

Time and tenacity more than anything is going to get you towards your weight loss goals.

I’ve talked about it in another video, you’re never gonna be done.

Taking care of you is literally a life-long labor of love.

It’s about elevating your own personal worth and saying “I’m the author of my life.”

Feeling good is one of the most,  if not the most important thing to me because then I’m able to give back to my family in a different way, my spouse in a different way, my friends in a different way and I’m always going to feel amazing.

So there’s the answer.

How have I maintained a physique and really changed my body over the years and developed this loving relationship with myself, with my body and with food?

Time, tenacity and consistently showing up for myself and making ME a priority in my life.

So I would love to hear your comments below.

Let me know what you’re doing to make you a priority in your life.

Let me know what you’re going to do to elevate your level of self-worth and self-love.

Let me know if you’re willing to get in the game of “YOU” for the long haul and what that’s going to look like.

I respond to every single comment I get. I love that people let me know that my videos are impacting them. If this message just landed in a different way and you heard something that you needed to hear share with me because I really do want to know so I can support you on your journey.

So until next week. Take very good care of yourself.

Remember that big stuff is in the small stuff.  Start making those small changes and let them unfold because you don’t know what the future holds for you.

XO ~ Lisa

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