Launch day is finally here and all I can say is I am filled with gratitude and pride.  What a journey it has been to this point.  Tears, tantrums, victories, joys and all the ups and downs that a life being lived includes.  


No confetti is falling from the sky and no fireworks are going off now that we are live, but you better believe I am giving myself high fives, am feeling like a rock star and will be celebrating (insert Rocky theme song in the back ground)!  I will spend today reflecting on the past, appreciating all that is yet to come and just enjoying what it means to me.  


You see this site is not just filled with professional accomplishments but underneath is a very personal experience of overcoming insecurities, fears and stepping into who I am and what I want to continue to bring to this world.  For me, this has been a journey of self worth, ownership and taking responsibility for all I am capable of and no longer shrinking or hiding from the opportunities that await me.

Every picture in this site honours the stories that make up my journey, from my supergirl belt buckle to me looking relaxed in my pulled back pony.  My alumni knows the significance of these stories and my blog will eventually give life to these stories on line.  For now it’s like having a secret shared between friends.

We all have a comfort zone that keeps us feeling safe and secure but does it make you feel happy?  Do you feel alive?

I can still hear the words of a wise coach from years ago….

Your comfort zone isn’t really comfortable, BUT it is familiar.

As much as we say we want change it requires that you find the courage to step away from what is familiar and what isn’t working and decide how you want to feel.  Change requires that you take a deep breath and commit to creating a new normal and a new familiar. Get clear on what is important to you in your life and how you want to feel EVERYDAY and then start making the choices and changes in that direction.  Your goals and dreams will unfold naturally, with less resistance when your focus stays on how you want to feel and how you want to be. Toss in a dash of “doing” and voila, watch the magic start to happen.


I am proud of how my new on-line home and voice have come together and how well it represents not just me, but also the community of clients, friends, family and colleagues who are a part of my life.

Special thanks are in order to those of you who really held my hand through this process and contributed to all of this coming together.

Emily and Victor the creative duo from Emilicous Designs who took my vision and brought it to life.  Thank you accommodating my changes (even at the wire) and being such a pleasure to work with.  They forced a deadline on me due to the soon to be arrival of their second baby!   Nothing like some pressure from mother nature to force me to make final decisions!

Jane Stark for juggling all the balls that needed juggling and being my “go to” person when I was feeling overwhelmed.  Her calm demeanour and knowledge about what needed to be done and when were a perfect fit for my chaotic and random ways of doing things.  I told her when I hired her that working with me was like trying to herd cats.  I have now designated her with the title of master cat herder.  Well done Jane and thank you.

Deanna D. and Phil W. for capturing the images you see on this site.  I love the finished product and couldn’t be happier with how well they represent who I am… from mom to supergirl to polished professional (did I mention I am loving wearing more skirts and high heels and less luon?) 

Cristina S for her creative signs.  She gifted me these years ago and they have been waiting for just the right time to make a proper debut.  I look forward to doing shoots in the new year with clients holding their own signs that represent their transformations.

Karen Wong who has been my right (and left) hand techie for years.  I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her assistance.  I don’t tell her enough what an important part of my business she has been over the years and how much her friendship and support has meant to me.

Keri-Anne Livingstone.  Client, coach and friend.  I can’t say enough about this phenomenal woman.  When she first stepped into my life and my studio I couldn’t have predicted the impact we would have on each other.  We have coached each other through our most vulnerable emotional moments and this journey would have taken me much longer had she not come into my life and helped me learn to help myself.  Ironic because that is exactly what I was able to give to her as well.  All coaches need coaches because we are not programmed to experience life as isolated, unconnected individuals and the truth is that often we can’t see past our own perspective (aka we make shitty coaches to ourselves).  True strength is found in asking for help not pretending like “I got this”, when I don’t.   Much love, respect and thanks.

To my family, Macey, Cole, Logan and Jake… I couldn’t do any of this without your love and support. Thank you for giving me the time I needed to bring my vision to life and for understanding when I was less than present at home.  NOTHING is more important to me than my family and the love, laughter and play they bring to my life.  You give me solid ground to stand on and the life I share with you is the foundation for everything I do.  I love each of you to the moon and back. xo

Mom and dad thanks for still being two of my biggest cheerleaders.  I love you both. xo

So hang out, read the stories, learn about the people in my community and get to know me.  Take all the time you need… I’m not going anywhere.

~ Lisa

*** Just a reminder that the January E.A.T! registration is under way so if you are ready to step out of your comfortable discomfort then start the new year by making your first choice in the direction of how you want to feel and get your ass in class!