Hi there, I am Lisa Carpenter from lisacarpenter.ca and today I want to talk about the mindset behind weight loss and whether or not you’re focusing on
what you can do and what you will eat
what you won’t do and what you won’t eat.
There’s a really big difference between these 2 trains of thought and I come up against it with clients all the time inside my E.A.T! program.
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They start learning about the different types of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and they start getting stuck in this place of…

“but I don’t wanna eat that…”

“But I don’t like that…,”

and “I’m never gonna eat fish….,”

and “I don’t want to eat chicken all day long….”

Here’s how it applies to you in regular everyday life and this is what I believe in terms of what I teach as well.

It’s none of my business what you do or don’t eat.

Just like it’s none of your business what I do or don’t eat or the choices that I make.

What I do teach, is that you ultimately do have choice


if you’re focusing on all the things that you won’t eat and that you don’t like, it’s taking your focus off of all the amazing things that you WILL eat and you CAN eat and you DO like.

So if you don’t like fish,

don’t eat fish.

If you don’t like chicken,

don’t eat chicken.

If you don’t wanna eat red meat,

don’t eat red meat.

But don’t put your focus on those things that you don’t wanna eat.

Shift your mindset and shift your focus onto all the foods that you do love.

So maybe you really love fish, so you are going to eat more of it.

Maybe you really love chicken and turkey so you’re going to eat more of that.

You know, I personally hate broccoli so I don’t focus on broccoli as being one of the foods that I eat.

I don’t really care that it’s a super food.

I personally don’t like how it taste but I love brussel sprouts…

Where your thoughts go is where your focus goes.

If you’re coming at weight loss focusing on all the things you don’t like to eat, you’r not going to stick to any meal plan  eating things you don’t like.

So stop it.

Many of my clients use that as the very excuse to not take any action.

Sit back this week and think about your mindset.

Maybe take the time to actually write a list of all the healthy foods you do love, and then take a look at how many of those you’re actually incorporating into your week on a daily basis.

Start from there.

So again, you can either focus on what you can’t eat, you don’t like and you don’t wanna eat


you can focus on all the amazing things that you do like and that you can eat and that you want to have more of.

That little tiny tweak in mindset can shift your entire perspective on how you come at healthy eating.

Instead of it being about deprivation and lack it suddenly becomes abundance and choice.

Powerfull stuff if you let it be.

So I’d love to hear your comments below.

Share if this perfective shift has really made a difference in how you’re going to  think about food moving forward, how you think about diets and if it has helped you step into the power of choice.

THIS is what E.A.T! is all about.

It’s all about handing you back the power and putting you in the driver seat of making choices that are going to work for you, and really understanding how all those pieces work together.

I don’t tell you what to eat or how you should be prepare it.

That’s all yours.


I do teach you all the different elements of proteins, fats and carbohydrates so you can build up your own nutritional blueprint with confidence that it is going to help you achieve the goals you’re after, whether it is weight loss, having more energy or just feeling better and feeling grounded in a solid foundation of knowledge around food.

So leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I answer every single comment that I get.

XO ~ Lisa

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