Do you have certain things you’re desperate to achieve? Many of us have a goal we’ve struggled to attain and have spent way more time than desired in pursuit of it. But we can choose to feel how we want to feel about our goals now and not just when we reach the finish line. In this episode, I discuss what attachment to the outcome of your goals looks like, how it negatively affects your results, and what you can do to detach.

[4:21] – Why I needed to stay detached from the outcome with my podcast

[7:55] – What you’re missing when you’re attached to the outcome

[13:58] – The irony many face when playing the weight loss game

[15:14] – Where to put your focus instead if you want to achieve your outcome

[17:02] – How I deal with uncertainty around the outcome of my upcoming WBFF show

[24:40] – What you should do to attain true freedom and feel your best every day

[27:15] – Why you do yourself a disservice by only using this one metric to measure your progress

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