Without Your Health You’ll have no Hustle.

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What more has to happen for you to realize that without your health you’ll have no hustle?

Drive and ambition can become like a pair of golden handcuffs.

The more you do the more you achieve…
the more you achieve the more you want to do…
you ALWAYS achieve your goals
but at what cost?

Adrenal fatigue
Weight gain
Loss of relationships
Numbing out life
Loss of joy

When did success become about accomplishments?
When did achievement become your identity?
When did you hang your self-worth on what you DO?

Ask any truly successful person and they’ll give you a very different definition of success and what really matters in life.

So keep ticking the achievement boxes but if you’re living your life feeling exhausted how much more exhausted do you need to feel before you take a hard look at what it’s all costing you?

When you shift the energy behind your drive and ambition you’ll achieve more by doing less AND more importantly you’ll have your physical and emotional wellness intact.

Adrenal fatigue doesn’t show up when you’re making your health and well being a priority.

And it won’t go away by pushing through doing the same thing you’ve always done.

When your identity is attached to your doing and your body demands rest you’re in for an awakening.

Will you be willing to be as committed to your healing as you were to your hustle?

Imagine if you gave your personal wellness as much attention as your external goals and achievements?

These are the women I work with.

They’re ready to make themselves priority #1.
They’re ready to step into the success that can only be found by working from the inside out.
They’re ready to stop hustling in the way they’ve been hustling.

They’re ready for more fulfilment, joy, peace and ease in their lives, business and bodies because for all they’ve achieved these are the things that they’ve never truly had but want more than anything.

xo ~ L


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