I was invited to be a guest on the Become Stronger Podcast with Manuel Kisilak, which just recently came out on Spotify.

One of the many things that the fitness world has in common with the entrepreneurial is the conviction that more work is automatically going to create better results.

In this episode we took this myth apart.

Because in reality, the belief that you have to grind 24/7 will not only leave you unhappy, it is the exact reason why so many people struggle to reach their goals!

You are going to discover…

  • How I am able to run a very successful 6-figure business and win fitness/bodybuilding shows and competitions, while tending to my family at the same time.
  • Why more external successes won’t make you happier.
  • How working less is going to give you greater results.
  • What athletes have in common with successful entrepreneurs

To listen into the conversation, click here.


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