It’s your next level, or it’s your excuses. You choose.

Ready to shift your shit for good?

Helping high-performing women win at life like they win at their careers.

Let’s face it, if you’re here, you’re an ambitious, type-A, solution-oriented woman. Your work is the one place where you feel like you’ve got your shit together.

You’re an achiever, I get it. And you’re also responsible for a lot.

You’ve achieved a certain level of success with blood, sweat, and tears, and a powerful work ethic. It’s a strategy that’s worked. But you’re also aware that something’s gotta give.

Is it even possible to let that go without shit falling off the rails?

But let me ask you something. If you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have everything you want, would you even know what that is or where to start?

Probably not, if you’re being honest.

Imagine if you could finally feel better in your body or what it would be like to have more connected relationships with your family.

Imagine if you could trust people to step up allowing yourself to step back so that you could have more time for yourself.

I know you might not think this is possible right now because you’re “it.” You’re the plate spinner and the plates aren’t going anywhere. And you can’t drop any. Trust me, I get it.

Now, if we’re being brutally honest, this is exactly why you don’t have the quality of life, or relationships you desire right now. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You didn’t get to where you are by sitting back, wishing upon a star, and hoping for life to bring you what you wanted.
  • You don’t feel like you can be vulnerable because your whole life you’ve needed to be strong.
  • People rely on you. But you probably never felt like you could rely on others.
  • You’ve probably started to realize this about yourself. And it’s becoming obvious that you need to discover another way.
Jessica Rodriguez

- Jessica Rodriguez

Lisa has helped me change both my business and life in ways I never believed possible. She’s taught me the true meaning of grace (for myself and others), how to slow the eff down, how to honor myself above all and become a better business owner, wife, and person in the process.

You’re worried that focusing on your well-being will cost you your success….

You want more, but when you’re the leader in your business and family, and have massive amounts of responsibility, let’s face it, you have no more time or energy.

No amount of books you read, or courses you take will shift the problem.

This work isn’t about a self-care checklist.

That’s just more DOING — and doing more is the last thing you need.

Things you LOVE and VALUE you take care of. I want you to consider the relationship you have with your work, kids, partner, or pets.

Now look at the relationship with yourself. How does that compare?

Can you honestly say you prioritize yourself?

Kamila Gornia

- Kamila Gornia

Lisa Carpenter is amazing! She’s one of the most understanding and supportive coaches I know. What I love most about her is how she listens and always has the right thing to say to calm me down or bring my attention toward the thing I’ve been avoiding.

Work With Coach Lisa Carpenter

The Full Frontal Living™ Coaching Method is NOT for you if you…

  • Aren’t willing to be open and curious to new perspectives
  • Are looking for a magic pill or a quick fix
  • Aren’t willing to be a participant in your own transformation
  • Aren’t willing to explore the intersection of vulnerability and power

It’s also not for you if you aren’t willing to consider that these aren’t the solutions:

  • Having more money
  • Creating more success
  • Working more
  • Pushing harder
  • Longer vacations
  • Better time management
  • Thinking your body is the problem
  • Hoping the other people in your life will get it together

Phew — and that’s not even the full list of the bullshit holding you back. 

So, if any of those apply, honestly, I’m not the right coach for you.

Let’s take a moment to look at what most people are doing…
(and why they’re still not getting what they want after years of blood, sweat, and tears…)

Some highly accomplished women who are teetering on that next chapter of success hire coaches looking for accountability. But accountability buddies don’t actually create change.

Guess what? You don’t need a cheerleader. What you actually need is a champion for your change.

Next-level women need a next-level coach.
Professional athletes hire professional coaches. Look at people like Serena Williams or Michael Jordan. They didn’t become legends by surrounding themselves with “yes people.” They worked with coaches who were committed to the level of success and transformation they wanted to achieve.

They also wanted to work with the best people who could facilitate change. They knew the ROI on transformation would far outweigh the investment.

I’m not here to be your cheerleader or your best friend. I’m here to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

My solution-focused approach…

Listen, I’m not here to waste your time. I’m a tough, pragmatic coach with a huge heart because I care so damn much about the well-being and success of my clients.

Through a combination of coaching strategies, NLP, and conversational hypnosis, we’ll create rapid shifts as we move through our work together. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I’m the coach that you go to after you’ve done some of these programs and you want more, and to go deeper. And you’re ready for support at that level.

No more excuses. No more putting it off. No more compromising.

Working with me means walking a road only a brave few will choose. Because it means that together, you’ll face your shadows and demons.

I support my clients in creating the shifts and living the transformation they’ve read about in self-help books and courses.

Choosing to work with me means investing in and facing yourself — and transforming your life.

Transformational Programs

The Energy Audit

It’s Time To Ditch The Excuses And Embrace Success With The Energy Audit™ Your Guide To A Balanced And Thriving Life

LC - Protect Energy Ebook + Podcast Mockups

Full Frontal Living Reclamation

You can be as successful in your personal life as you are in your career.

The Reclamation is a 12 month, group program that includes The Energy Audit, Paid Classes, and Group Voxer Access.

In this small group coaching container, you’ll: 

Renew Your Energy

Experience a renewed sense of energy, allowing you to approach each day with enthusiasm and zest

Prioritize You

Overcome overworking habits while prioritizing self-care and relaxation

Confidence Cultivation

Cultivate habits that energize your body and boost your confidence, empowering you to feel incredible in your own skin

Nourish Your Soul

Find the rewards that nourish your soul and bring joy into your life

Mindful Goal Alignment

Set goals mindfully, ensuring they align with your self-care and well-being

Ambitious Allies

Be supported by a small community of like-minded, high-level, ambitious women entrepreneurs who are focused on achieving success without sacrifice.

Full Frontal Living Collective

It’s time to redefine high performance for powerful female leaders who know they’re meant for more.

The Collective is a 12 month private hybrid program with Private Voxer Access that includes Reclamation, The Energy Audit, Paid Classes, and Group Voxer Access. 

In this intimate hybrid group + one-on-one coaching container you’ll learn:


Develop a deeper connection with yourself, understanding your unique needs and desires

Design For Success

Design a success-driven environment that also promotes wellness and harmony

Balance And Excel

Find the perfect balance between productivity and self-care, so you can excel without sacrificing your well-being

Nurture Meaningful Connections

Nurture your relationships, both personal and professional, by being present and attentive in every interaction