Full Frontal Living™ Inquiry Call

Where do I even start? [Since working with Lisa,] I have more confidence in my abilities and the right frame of mind for tackling problems and situations now.  I learned the characteristics I’ve developed over the years have been coping mechanisms rather than set in stone traits I have no control over and that there was nothing wrong with me.  Coaching with Lisa has been pretty much the best thing I’ve invested in for my life and business basically ever.

Gabrielle C.

Lisa, I have moved more mountains in a one-hour conversation with you than I have in years going at it alone. I was telling my husband about what transpired during our conversation and he actually started tearing up because he could see the difference it made and how much it meant to me. You are an amazing coach and I’m completely in awe of your talents. Experiencing your awesomeness LIVE is like going to a concert and feeling the creative energy of the band vs just hearing music through radio. You can tell it’s your zone of genius and your passion comes through full force. You helped me realize that I’m enough…that I can give myself permission to learn and stop attaching emotions to “failures”. You helped me karate chop some major blocks I’ve had for years, and you have given me hope and momentum to physical/emotional health to be able to rock my own purpose. Lady, you are fan-freaking-tabulous, and I want you on speed dial for life! Much love and gratitude to ya


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