Yes, you can change.

But shit’s gotta get real first.

Helping High-Performing Women Win At Life Like They Win At Their Careers

The secret weapon for ambitious, driven, A-type professionals struggling to prioritize their time and energy, who are ready to shift from overdoing to thriving. 

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Protect Your Energy

So You Have It For What Matters Most

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About Lisa.

A Master Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host, Lisa Carpenter works with high-performing executives, and business owners ready to break past plateaus and reach new levels of success in life and business.

After working for over two decades with thousands of clients, she has a deep understanding of how to help high performers shift from doing too much to thriving with peace, without sacrificing their success.

Her clients are willing to step into the discomfort that comes with reaching their goals and shifting their shit for good.

Here’s The Agonizing Beautiful Truth

Things we love we take care of. PERIOD.

No amount of hard work, control, planning, perfecting, learning, shopping, eating, drinking, exercising, and social media scrolling can help you permanently escape what you’re trying to cover up.

The more you try to avoid and numb the more frustrated, resentful, unfulfilled, and unhealthy you’ll become. You’re living your life as a victim of your circumstances and a prisoner of your subconscious beliefs.

Ready To Change Your Life?

Claim unshakable confidence, next level self-trust and feel fulfilled in all area’s of your life, not just your career.

Unshakeable Confidence
Next Level Fulfillment
Flow With Ease

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What Clients Are Saying

Teri Black


Michelle McNamara


Before working with Lisa, I felt lost, yearning for a radical change but clueless about the direction to take or even where to begin. My journey with Lisa has been transformative, teaching me the profound lesson that the responsibility to create the life I desire lies with me alone. Embracing this responsibility has been empowering, shedding light on the many facets of myself and how they've been supporting me—albeit not always in the most conducive ways for the change I aspire to.

One of the biggest revelations from my coaching experience is recognizing that there's nothing within me that needs "fixing." The belief that I wasn't enough or that my worth was conditional has been dismantled. I've learned that I am inherently worthy, valuable, and lovable, just as I am.

Working with Lisa has been intense and, at times, brutal, confronting the old, ineffective ways head-on. However, this challenge has been a gateway to learning new skills, adopting new perspectives, and embodying new ways of being that are not only liberating but also immensely fulfilling. It's hard work, but it's the kind of hard work that brings about real, freeing change.

Angela McGregor

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