You’ve created a life and career for yourself that others probably envy. You’ve ticked all the boxes.
You’ve followed the steps. You’ve paid your dues.

AND STILL Something is missing...

You’re not feeling the way you thought you’d feel.
The fact that you’re reading this, means you’re probably realizing that all your “success” has come at a huge cost, yet it still doesn’t feel like enough.

You’ve hit capacity but all you know is how to do MORE... but if MORE was the answer to creating joy, ease and fulfillment, wouldn’t you feel that by now?

I don’t need to tell you that time, energy and space to even consider doing more, let alone focus on yourself, is in short supply, yet you’ve probably been beating yourself up trying to figure out a way to make it work.

Because that’s what you do. You make it work.

For you and for the people who rely on you.

If this is you...

  • You're happy (ish)
  • Always in a rush
  • A bit frantic & often hyper-vigilant
  • Overstimulated to the point being touched makes you cringe
  • Struggle to make the "right" decision
  • Get stuck in "why" and overthinking
  • Disconnected from your body and feeling unhealthy
  • Not happy with your weight or physical condition
  • Reactive and Anxious
  • Judgmental of yourself and others
  • Wired and Tired
  • Hyper-focused or paralyzed by procrastination
  • Overcommitted, Overworking, Over Thinking and Overwhelmed
  • Often feel behind or not sure where to start
  • Break promises to yourself more than you want to admit
  • Relaxing doesn't come easy and doing nothing creates anxiety
  • You catastrophize the future and cling to the past
  • Feel unsupported and often alone
  • AND to top it off, sex is probably the LAST thing on your mind...

I've got great news.

You. Can. Change.

{but shit's gotta get real first}

And this isn't about doing more...

For you to get what you want, you're going to have to let go and give up some control.


I wish I could tell you it’s 5 easy steps, but I’d be lying.
It’s a process of excavating what’s going on beneath the surface...

I’m sure you’ve noticed that trying to *fix* the problem hasn’t fixed the problem. You’ve probably experienced some relief, but if you’re being honest, it was probably short-lived before you were back into your old habits and patterns.

It’s time to stop playing whack-a-mole and get serious about what’s causing you to repeat patterns you hate and what actually needs to happen for your life to change.

Because if nothing changes. NOTHING changes.

This is about YOU.
Claiming what you want.
But do you even know what that is?

Reclamation is a 12-month journey into YOU so that you can drop all the crap and feel how you want to feel.

I don’t care how much self-development work you’ve done.
If you’re not where you want to be, you’re still running the same patterns and missing the information you need to change.

Not. On. My. Watch.

Here’s what’s happens for my clients after being in community with me:

  • They experience fulfillment, joy, ease and are genuinely happy.
  • They feel grounded and connected with who they are.
  • Their confidence soars.
  • They have the time, space and energy to pour into themselves and the people they love.
  • They make calm, clear decisions that come from deep intuition and inner knowing.
  • They make decisions without rushing or putting pressure on themselves.
  • They stop asking “why” and make bold moves towards creating what they want.
  • Their physical health increases and often see weight loss.
  • They feel at home and at peace with their bodies.
  • They are more kind and compassionate with themselves.
  • They feel deeply connected to themselves and others.
  • High stress and anxiety becomes a thing of the past.
  • Managing and moving through stress when it happens, can be done with grace and ease.
  • They have the emotional capacity to handle more.
  • They live with intentionality and in alignment with their values.
  • They thrive in stillness and welcome peace and ease.
  • They’re more present in all area’s of their lives.
  • They’ve redefined achievement in a way that feels healthy and sustainable.
  • They are sustainably strong.
  • They have expanded their capacity to feel their emotions and no longer numb out to avoid feeling uncomfortable.
  • They enjoy the lives they’ve created.
  • They sleep better.

They become radiant, magnetic and show up powerfully without having to push or force their way through life.

They RECLAIM who they were before the world taught them to forget and step powerfully into self-leadership.

This can be YOU.
This year-long container is an opportunity for you to come home to yourself.
To discover who you are, and to release anything that is no longer working in your life.

And I’ll be guiding you every step of the way.


with Lisa Carpenter

$500/month commitment

  • 1 LIVE Group Coaching Call Monthly
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions via private podcast
  • Weekly Check-In Form
  • Access to Paid Master Classes
  • ONE 1:1 onboarding session with Lisa

In Lisa’s group, I experience a world of deep, meaningful connections, negating the need for physical presence. I’ve loved forming close bonds with like-minded women from around the world – knowing them inside out without ever having met in person. This experience underscores the power of genuine connection in the online space, particularly through Voxer, where we’ve moved from “tentative” to very close.

I was initially hesitant about using Voxer, worrying about the need to articulate my thoughts perfectly, but this platform has become a space where I've learned to embrace my voice, discovering I’m more eloquent when I speak than I understood. The consistent feedback about this from the group has been enlightening, teaching me about my strengths and reinforcing my growth in using my voice in my own business and work as a result. I didn’t know!

But beyond the personal growth, there’s a sense of safety and support within this small space that stands out. It's one thing to declare a space safe, and another to experience it as genuinely secure—a place where you're encouraged to experiment, share your internal struggles, and be authentic without judgment.

We've grown together, learning not just from our own experiences but from observing each other's challenges and taking the courage to go after our own. It's this collective evolution that has added to my experience of growth and joy in my life.

To anyone considering this style of mentoring, know that this isn't just a group — the longevity of our collective experience, watching real-time transformations, enriches not just our own lives but those around us.

Katy Abbot


Haven’t you told yourself you want to change enough times by now to realize it’s not going to happen unless you commit to getting the support you need?