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I’ve spoken up recently about letting go. This has included physical stuff, emotional stuff and digital stuff.


Because when our space is cluttered our energy is cluttered. The people who need to find me can’t see or hear me through the crowd of people who are hanging around for the sake of hanging around.

This is not connection. This doesn’t create intimacy. This is not impact.

As a leader, my #1 J.O.B is to align with my values in ALL area’s of my life.

I hate crowds.

I don’t like noise.

I can’t stand bullshit.

I cringe at the thought of small talk.

I’m here to help others RISE but in doing so the universe demanded that I clean up my side of the street and release all the pieces weighing me down.

In a space that is crowded with online marketers telling you to grow your list, create courses, join courses and do all the things to create an impact, I lost my way.

I drank the cool-aide AND I’m so glad I did.

I’ve met the most amazing people.

I’ve worked with phenomenal coaches and mentors.

I’ve learned more since moving my biz online than I ever thought possible.

I’ve GROWN in more ways than I can articulate and so has my business.

I’ve gotten clear on what I want more of and what I want less of.

I’ve released the story that I was getting it all wrong, and not growing my business in the *right* way.

I’ve unapologetically gotten into MY OWN lane.

I’ve grounded into my message.

I know what to give BIG fucks about and what to not waste my fucks on.

I had to go through learning about #allthethings so I could FIND TRUE ALIGNMENT for what the soul of my business needs to thrive (and the soul of my business is MY soul).

I create intimate spaces for people to feel safe to be seen, heard and witnessed in their most vulnerable moments.

I create deep connection so my clients can learn how to stop surviving and start thriving in their lives and businesses.

In a market filled with one to many offerings, I’m returning to what I think we need more than anything else.

One to one coaching.

Deeper connection.


For those ready to stop hiding in groups.

For those ready to be witnessed.

For those ready to value themselves and be THE priority.

For those ready to RISE and step into the impact and influence they know they’re here to make.

This past week my team and I have BOLDLY released people on my list.

Where most are trying to grow their list I’ve deleted most of mine.

Out of the thousands of people on my mailing list, 691 beautiful souls have CHOSEN to continue to invite me into their inbox.

I’m so grateful for each of them.

To the thousands of others we released, I wish them nothing but joy, as they find the perfect next person to help them along their journey.

And I’m thankful that they made the choice to release me.

Some may say I’m crazy to burn my list down like this but THIS is MY way.

It was a VALUE based decision.

THIS is what alignment in my business looks like.

Connection and intimacy.

Relationships that MATTER.

Have the courage to declare what you want and the universe will rise up to meet you.

Special thanks to one of my newest Dovetail friends and colleagues Jennifer Kem for reminding me to lead from my values.

XO ~ L

Are you ready to THRIVE in your life, business and body?

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