Your Relationship with Your Body

by | Sep 17, 2018 | 0 comments

I need to talk about the relationship you’re having with your body….

This has been a foundational part of my work for years now because YOUR BODY is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Treating your body like an afterthought means you’re treating YOURSELF as an afterthought.

It is the vehicle you get to DO life in.

It lets you experience your 3D world.
It is the vessel that allows you to live out your soul’s purpose.

It lets you see, hear, smell, taste and touch your physical world.

It gives you LIFE.

If you’re feeding it crap
If you’re not giving it rest
If you’re not giving it movement
If you’re feeding it toxic thoughts
If you’re demanding it work to exhaustion
If you’re hating on how it looks

You destroy it.

It will support you until it no longer can.

Think about it

It’s the ultimate co-dependent relationship…

You treat your body like crap yet it CONTINUES to show up for you and give you LIFE.

Would you stay in a relationship with a person who treated you the way you’re treating your body?

If you want to live your life with the highest level of performance then HONOUR your most valuable piece of equipment like a Mazarati and not a broken down Chevette.

Successful people KNOW that they can only serve at their highest level by making their relationship with their physical body a number ONE priority.


When you fundamentally shift the energy in the “DOING” of these activities you take self-care to a higher level.

They are not punishments to create an outcome.

Treat your body with the REVERENCE it deserves and you’ll get to enjoy life and make an impact on an entirely different level.

We are cosmic beings having a human experience AND while you’re here respect your physical ride.

xo ~ L