Episode 222 is all about using the powerful acronym H.A.L.T and the four practical and EASY foundational ways to manage your energy. Lisa first talked about HALT way back in episode 3 and her thoughts about this tool have remained the same. Master this and you’ll master your energy.

In this episode, Lisa shares how you can master ordinary habits so that you can always navigate feeling your best OR knowing what choices you can make to shift your energy and take control of your life and how you are feeling.

H * Hungry

A * Angry/ Anxious (and identifying ANY emotion)

L * Lonely

T * Tired


When you understand how these four principles work together and impact your moods and your energy, you’ll be empowered to make different choices to support how you want to feel and maximize your energy. This is a powerful energy mastery tool you’ll want to have in your tool box!


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