A while back, I did an episode about my alter ego Tylere and even read a bit from the document I created for her back in 2016. When I wrote that document, I couldn’t see how it’d come to fruition, nor did I really believe it ever would. But after my WBFF show, I realize that I’ve fully embraced and become that alter ego to the point where I don’t even need one anymore. Today I want to talk a little bit about your alter ego and using it to serve you and help you move forward.

[3:06] – The biggest selling point of writing your alter ego document

[4:35] – Why red lipstick came to symbolize my alter ego

[7:33] – Example questions to think about as you consider your alter ego

[12:02] – The commonality between your alter ego and dressing up as a kid

[15:07] – How I reminded myself to ask what my alter ego would do in situations

[16:21] – What my alter ego allowed me to understand about myself

[20:25] – The only difference between you and me


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