Are you afraid of trying again?

Hey guys it’s Sunday and you know I typically don’t work Sundays but I’ve been thinking a lot today about fear.

Fear has been coming up for a lot of different people and I wanted to address it.

There are so many things that we stop ourselves from doing in this life because we’re afraid and weight loss is one of those things.

It’s ironic because by the time women reach me they’ve been on so many different diets, they’ve tried so many different things, they’ve made so many different missteps that they’re afraid to step into the room with me.

What I want to say is weight loss is very much like business.

Every damn day when I show up, and I record these videos, when I hop on Periscope, when I engage in Facebook, when I write my newsletters, I’m afraid.

What will happen?

What if somebody doesn’t like me?

What if somebody doesn’t like what I have to say?

What if this is a flop?

What if my program never takes off?

What if nobody steps into my classroom?

It’s all those small acts of fear that are really acts of courage on my part to just show up, get in the ring and put my work out there.

That means I’ve been able to have an impact on people’s lives.

Here’s the thing.

I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to lose weight in the past.

I don’t care what diets you’ve tried.

I don’t care how many times you think you’ve failed because every single step you’ve taken has brought you to this point.

If you’re sitting on the fence thinking about whether or not you need to step into my classroom, but you’re afraid of about whether or not you’re going to fail or you’re afraid “what if this doesn’t work”, I want you to ask yourself 3 questions.


Name your fear.

What do you really fear?

What are you really afraid of?


I want you to ask yourself, what is the worst possible scenario that could happen?

What is it?

That you don’t lose any weight?

Is that the worst thing that could happen?

I want you to go there.


Then I want you to ask, what’s the best possible scenario?

What’s the absolute best thing that could happen?

You lose your weight, you change your life, you create an entirely new relationship with food and your body and I have clients that have done that.


Ask yourself what would probably happen?

What if you land at somewhere in the middle?

How would your decision be different if you entered into this journey with a willingness to show up for yourself, to learn, to let go of your expectations of what this is supposed to look like?

What if you said

“I need to keep moving forward for myself because there is something that I want from myself. I am still not happy with my body. I still don’t understand food. I don’t get what I’m missing.”

Show up and just give yourself permission to learn and let it naturally unfold.

I’m there every step of the way, you’ve got an amazing group of women in the Facebook community that are there to support you; it’s like your own little mastermind group.

I want to encourage you to lean in your fear because I’m telling you, if I hadn’t have leaned into mine, you wouldn’t even be listening to this video right now.

My classroom, it wouldn’t be online.

My work wouldn’t be out into the world.

And then what?

All the women whose lives I’ve had an opportunity to change, to have a hand in them changing their lives, then what?

They wouldn’t be where they are.

So do yourself a favour.

I understand the fear is there but it’s not going away and the very thing you’re afraid of is the very thing that’s stopping you from just showing up and trying.

Every step we make in life, there is no right, there’s no wrong, they all move us forward. We can’t go backwards, we can only take steps forward.

So get off the fence.

I really hope that I see you in my classroom (and you can find more info by clicking HERE) we’re waiting for you, I’m waiting for you.

I know you can do this and I know you’re going to learn and I know your life is going to change.

xo ~ Lisa