Welcome to another empowering episode of the Full Frontal Living Podcast. Join us as we dive into a compelling conversation with Alexis Dean, founder of the Dovetail community, about the transforming power of intentionally crafted communities for women entrepreneurs. In this episode, we explore the nuances of building a safe, inclusive space where deep conversations flourish, barriers are broken, and values align, promoting personal and professional growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Art of Intentional Community: Alexis Dean talks about the importance of intentionally structuring communities to facilitate safe spaces for meaningful discussions and equal voices. (00:22:47)
  • The Power of Choice: Lisa Carpenter emphasizes the significance of selecting communities that resonate with our desires and the environments where we thrive. (00:23:49)
  • Inclusivity in Communities: The hosts discuss how Dovetail welcomes non-binary and transgender individuals and is designed with inclusivity at its core. (00:24:34)
  • Disrupting the Norm: Creating a women-only community can be seen as disruptive, but it’s about having a clear mission and developing a group founded on shared core values. (00:25:11)
  • Leading from the Heart: Both hosts highlight the feminine approach to business, which prioritizes values-based actions and leading with empathy. (00:28:08)
  • Aligning Values with Work: Learn how aligning your business decisions with your personal values can foster belongingness and resilience during challenging times, like those experienced during COVID. (00:29:20)
  • Gender-Specific Networking: Alexis and Lisa discuss the unique challenges women face in a masculine-dominated business world and how female-centric spaces can nurture different styles of connecting and networking.


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Listeners are encouraged to visit dovetail.community to learn more, apply, or book a call with Alexis Dean. Authentic connections are just a conversation away.

Connect with Alexis Dean:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexis.dovetail/ and

Visit: https://dovetail.community


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