In this episode The Full Frontal Living™ podcast Lisa is joined by transformational coach Ashley Soro to explore the journey of creating lasting body image shifts. Together, they delve into the empowering yet psychologically complex world of fitness competitions and uncover the harsh realities behind the quest for external validation and identity that often happen with bodybuilding competitions. Providing insightful stories from their lives, Lisa and Ashley discuss the importance of inner healing, self-acceptance, and the courage required to detach from restrictive self-definitions and the often punishing cycle of training and dietary control. As they share personal strategies for surrender and growth, this episode promises to guide listeners towards a more authentic and fulfilling relationship with their bodies and selves.

00:00 Facilitating wellness and transformation; empowering individuals.

03:13 Competitive bodybuilding, self-image evolution, retiring summary.

06:52 Struggling with body image expectations in fitness.

11:52 Struggle with body image and athletic identity.

14:38 Reflecting on growth, self-discovery, and healing.

19:12 Transforming lives, finding joy in wellness journey.

20:54 Recommend various modalities to address subconscious limitations.

26:09 Redefining self-identity and virtues for personal growth.

28:58 Accepting change, identity shift after retiring from sport.

33:23 Professional solo sport, yearning for understanding.

34:06 First show experience – slightly traumatic, frightening.

39:06 Refraining from bikini, addressing deep-seated trauma.

41:12 Training becomes a source of control.

43:54 Intuitively listen to your body, find purpose.

46:20 Facing change in health and self-trust.

50:08 Excited for what’s to come, letting go.


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