In episode 268, Lisa shares her personal journey of confronting old negative thought patterns that resurface, amidst her travel experience in Bali. She offers a raw, unfiltered account of the struggles and insecurities she has encountered in her personal and professional life. 

Lisa emphasizes the importance of recognizing that what we see on social media often reflects the “highlight reel” of people’s lives, and she delves deeper into the process of navigating through challenging times.


Key Points:

  1. Choosing Vulnerability: Lisa opens up about her turbulent experiences, expressing vulnerability and authenticity as she acknowledges the impact of past events on her well-being. By sharing her journey, she encourages listeners to embrace their own vulnerabilities and confront the parts of themselves that may be holding them back.
  2. Confronting Old Stories: Lisa reflects on the deep-rooted beliefs and narratives that have influenced her mindset, particularly related to self-worth, success, and happiness. She emphasizes the significance of acknowledging and addressing these old stories, ultimately reclaiming the power to script new narratives for a fulfilling life.
  3. The Power of Choice: Throughout the episode, Lisa emphasizes the power of choice, highlighting how individuals can actively choose to confront old thought patterns, navigate challenges, and create positive change in their lives. She encourages listeners to recognize that they have the ability to shape their reality by making conscious choices aligned with their values and desires.
  4. Reclaiming Joy and Fulfillment: By sharing her personal struggles and moments of self-doubt, Lisa underscores the importance of allowing oneself to experience joy and fulfillment without self-sabotage. She motivates listeners to overcome self-limiting beliefs and embrace the fullness of their experiences.
  5. Taking Action: Lisa concludes by urging listeners to take action and embark on their own transformative journeys. She offers the opportunity for individuals to connect with her to explore coaching options, emphasizing the potential for personal growth and positive change (links to apply below)


Join Lisa in this deeply reflective episode as she demonstrates the power of choosing vulnerability, confronting old stories, and reclaiming joy and fulfillment in life.


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