In episode 217 Lisa shares her go to strategies when shit hits the fan and life is life-ing.

Eight foundational pieces that will support you as you move through any unexpected life event.

It’s inevitable that things will happen in life, but do you have strategies set up to keep you out of shifting into over functioning, numbing out to avoid feeling so that you can focus on taking care of your physical and emotional well-being?

Today’s episode was recorded as real life events were unfolding for Lisa, and she shares honestly about how the work she’s done to release unhealthy patterns and prioritize herself over the past 11 years have created the foundation she’s standing on today.   It’s never easy to be in what most call negative emotions but there is so much healing available to you when you understand how to navigate them without being dragged under by them.

Enjoy today’s episode and let me know in the comments below your biggest takeaways.

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