In episode 263 Lisa Carpenter Interviews Erika Mackay from Niche Designs.

**Key Discussion Points from the Episode:**

**The Power of Choice in Your Environment:**

Discover the incredible influence your surroundings have on your productivity and mental clarity. Dive into the science that Lisa and Erica explore—the connection between cluttered spaces and cluttered minds.

**Creating Wellness Workspaces:**

Unlock the potential of your workspace with strategies from Erica’s course at Learn not only the ‘hows’ but the ‘whys’ behind crafting an environment that holistically supports your well-being.

**Engage with Your Space:**

Reflect on how much your daily settings impact you.

**Connecting with Nature:**

Erica sheds light on biophilic design and its profound effects on productivity and emotional well-being. Even simulated nature views or the inclusion of plants can alter your work experience for the better.

**Practical Tips for Energetic Spaces:**

Refresh your environment with simple yet effective tips, including how to use essential oils and the visualization of cleansing energies to revitalize your space.

**Many Work Styles, One Need – Ergonomics:**

Regardless of where you work, the significance of an ergonomic set-up cannot be overemphasized. Discover insights into how the right angles and supports can prevent long-term health issues.

**Boundaries and Personal Workspaces:**

Dive into the personal stories shared by Lisa and Erica on establishing work boundaries at home, including Lisa’s unique “crown” technique—an invisibility cloak for her workspace.

**Diversity in Work Environments:**

Listen as our guests articulate the necessity for smart leaders to recognize and accommodate the diverse needs of their teams, acknowledging neurodiversity, and moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional workspace design.

**Connect with Erica MacKay:**

Visit to explore Erica’s specialized wellness workspace course and follow her on Instagram (@nichefordesign) for daily insights and inspiration.

Lisa and Erica would love to hear how you’re rethinking your workspace for productivity and well-being. What changes will you make after listening to this conversation? Share your insights and connect with us on Instagram—you might just inspire someone else to make a transformational change!


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