Today, I’m so excited to introduce you to a dear client of mine, Belinda Smith. She has an impressive resume, but I wanted her on the show because her vision and mission is so in alignment with the physical and emotional well-being I talk about on this podcast.

As a mom and health coach, she’s one the leading independent voices for children’s health in Australia and a fierce proponent for real food in schools. She and her husband have spent over two years traveling around Australia visiting hundreds of schools and empowering kids to choose healthier eating. But she’s also all about making it easier for parents to make better food choices to inspire their kids to do the same.

[6:27] – Why Belinda feels so passionate about this

[12:25] – Many women don’t trust themselves with food

[21:18] – Stored memories and how they affect our relationship with food

[24:56] – How we grow out of knowing how to eat as adults

[29:06] – Belinda discusses a family before and after joining her membership

[35:32] – Final message from Belinda

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